Spreadsheet Vault by Zami

Updated Pvp Planner [download copy] to v0.8.2.

Fixed a problem with the wildfire calculation for PvE islands on the Team Gauntlet sheet.

To fix your 0.8.1 copy
  • Unhide column K
  • On K32 change A5 to J5 in the formula.
  • Hide coulmn K

There is a question about whether the pvp island bonuses from PvE islands completed are correct or have been changed at some point. Still investigating.


@Zamirathe as i said dont use it every pvp so was older version. Its calculated right now. But found another failure, after clearing all Pve islands and do a mega on 125p base the score in calculator is wrong. Its 9.3k per mega with 1 IF.

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@Zamirathe I think this is the required fix to the pvp formula

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Yes, I was notified of this yesterday. I wanted to verify before adding it whether 70% gave the 1.15 multiplier or if you needed 100% like in Crystal Caves. I have since received that verification so it will get fixed.


Updated Chest Drops and Event Chest Drops [Download link].

What Changed

  • Draconic percentages were incorrect. They should only change after ALL festives are at max shards, not as each one is maxed. Both sheets should now properly show this.

You won’t need to download the Event Chest Drops again, as it never assumed you had maxed fragments and used the correct starting percentages (column G on the data sheet) for the calculator. If you like to unhide the data sheets to look at the percentages, then yes you will need to update.


Updated Primarch Information Sheet with the gold 1 tier primarch info.

Thank you to several who sent me screenshots, and a HUGE thank you to @FieryxFury who went on a killing spree and leveled a single primarch up from level 1 to level 30 and sent me screenshots of each level. :heart: :heart_eyes: :partying_face:

The only thing I have yet to find is the required player level for each primarch level. If anyone happens to stumble across an error because you aren’t high enough yet, please let me know.


And if people are interested in the diamond cost to instantly level up prims, I can do a write up for that :sweat_smile:


@Zamirathe @FieryxFury
many thanks to both of you :pray:
yes I want to know I’m curious but I would not do it :gem:

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It’s a total of 224k diamonds :see_no_evil: I’ll edit this post later with the exact cost of speeding for each level :hugs:


224k diamonds… nice lol thanks I may do that lol

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That’s just for the timers though, if you also want to buy the glory with diamonds it’s a tiny bit more…


I wouldn’t call anything over 1M as tiny bit more :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


PvP Event Planner has been updated to v0.8.3.

What Changed

  • 1.15 win multiplier added to Team Gauntlet score averages. Scoring should now be correct with what you see in game.

Now that the new towers are in the game, does the fort planner update automatically?

I’m just not sure if I need to download a new copy or just sit tight. No rush though!


No, I haven’t uploaded the new files yet. It probably won’t be tonight sadly. Once I do, the planner should auto update to the new levels.


Hey Zami, noticed that your fort event scores does not yet include the updated 16mil prize.
1k sigils 1.5k tokens 10 plat chests and the 5k season tokens (which you dont count anyway).

Thanks to @ZeroDucksGvn for the image

Thought you should know


Fort planner is updated for the new tower levels. Just close your planner if you have it open and reopen it to get the update. No need to redownload.

Thank you, added.

Still on the To Do List:

  • Waiting for event to start to finish updating the sigil spender sheet to verify prize lines.
  • I think I still have the chest drops wrong for draconics but will verify today when I get data (if I don’t fall asleep first).
  • The season planner doesn’t correctly pull the chest info because I changed the layout of the chest drops sheet.

there is something missing in the fort planner ( Builder Hut )

and thanks again, I’m just waiting if there will be a modification
Event chest drops ( draconics )


To be honest, I haven’t given it much thought because I am not sure how much of a rework of the planner it will need. I will look into it this week, but no guarantees.


Updated Season Planner v1.5.8 [download link].

What Changed

  • Event rewards were using a year old sheet. Updated to current sheets.
  • Chest rewards were off slightly when I updated the chest drops sheet. This is now fixed.

You will need to download a new copy to get the new changes.