Spreadsheets for WDScripts: Battle Log Report

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Hey Everyone.

I have been working on a new sheet for everyone who uses WDScripts, this time around the Battle Report function. Hopefully its in time for anyone wanting to check their team’s December stats :slight_smile:

In short, this sheet allows you to easily see Kill data for your team based on the report you download from WDScripts, sort by different criteria, and see some charts for those who are more visual.

It also includes a feature where you can type in a list of names and it updates their stats - good for those who change their name often!

Example Flying Stats + KDR:

Example Kill Stats Per Player:

This is the basic release of the spreadsheet. I plan to start working on a more advanced version sometime in the near future that will be a bit more powerful including things like history for checking long term team and player averages. Will update the thread here when done

Please reach out to me if you:

  • find any issues/bugs
  • have any suggestions

If major I will update this version, any suggestions may be added to the new version I release later on

I am also open to customising your sheet if required (you may want help hiding certain stats, or seeing different charts, etc).

Other Spreadsheets:


Good work!! Me like

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Just a quick update - last minute I added a text box on the team import tab. But didn’t realise You may have trouble clicking the grey box to paste.

Either download a new copy (I’ve fixed it) or you can move/resize the box

Sorry everyone :see_no_evil::joy:

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