Spreadsheets for WDScripts: Team + Castle Info

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Hey everyone! First time posting a thread so bare with me if any formatting looks odd :joy:

Recently I have been working on a “Companion” sheet of sorts to go with the information we can get from WDScripts. For those of you unaware of WDScripts, you can see the website here (Info from WD Public API)

It was important to me that anyone can use the sheet as long as they have access to the bot (not the website) so that maintaining does not possibly fall to someone uncomfortable with sheets - Anyone on the team can help you!

Get your copy here

If you want to pick and choose what you display in the wiki to your team, you can do that also using the sister sheet in the instructions.

Please reach out to me if you:

  • find any issues/bugs
  • have any suggestions
  • need help setting it up for your team

List of Features

  • Castle Listing
  • Position List/Check/Search
  • Shard list per castle
  • Castle bonuses
  • Infrastructure List
  • Infra Manager
    • see which castles can be upgraded per building type, and how many points available for that castle
  • Roster info (Alpha, Level, DP)

Example Sheet

Before setting up for yourself feel free to check my Sample Sheet

Example Position Search:

Example Shard List:

Example Infrastructure Manager:

Other Spreadsheets:


Such a lot of work went into this, thank you so much love!
It’s amazing



Awesome work @Blassie !! Thanks for putting together and sharing!! :kissing_heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes:

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Hey all.

PG recently released dual banker slots for castles. The API has not been updated, so WDScripts is unable to get the additional banker name for me to use in this sheet.

For now I suggest trying to use the first banker spot where possible. Anything in the 2nd banker slot you will need to keep a note of yourself on the sheet if it’s something you regularly track/check :relaxed:

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Hey everyone! PG has updated the API and WDScripts export now has both bankers :partying_face:

You will need a new copy of the sheet - the old one will no longer work!

Link to the Management Sheet

Link to the Wiki Sheet

Please reach out if you have any issue moving over to the new sheet.