Spring 2018 Hunter

So I know we are only in the middle of Winter and I hope it isn’t too early to start talk on Spring BUT I would like to open a discussion on the Spring 2018 hunter before it’s too late. I’m hoping if we are pro-active maybe we can get another great hunter like Necryx. My ideas; we need a hunter with an Aoe, heal and cloak. What Aoe? I’m not sure this is where the discussion comes in. If anyone has any other ideas please post. As I am growing I am seeing the need of solid hunters in the game.

I’d actually like to see a VIABLE hunter without cloak.

Not that gargula p.o.s something that’s actually viable.

As for playstyle, without cloak it cannot be a “snipe” and go hunter, so would need some other form of job description -so more of a cleaner.

Maybe Galvanic, Rejuv and Winds?

What I would much rather see is an teleporting dragon
2 phase skill like galvanic - click it once leaves a “mark” on the floor, click it again, dragon teleports back to this location with a “cloak blink” in between so it clears following projectiles.
Give it a decent cooldown of a few seconds and your golden.


I said cloak because I figured i would get scrutiny otherwise. I honestly just want a hunter who can hear and an Aoe. I have yet to master cloak but I know others love it. This season has brought us too much cloak, go ahead say it, “there is never too much cloak” A new Aeo would be nice. Then again, vines would be perfect for the spring theme…

Your teleporting dragons sounds a lot like hau :laughing:


You just want an new tier Hau, don’t you :stuck_out_tongue:

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Perhaps it’s good to see a hunter with Ice Shock.
Or Galvanic Overload - Northern Light Combo

Not trying to lessen your enthusiasm but I think Spring Dragon are already pretty much decided as of now. Better think of your discussion as a future Summer or Fall Dragon because I think it is actually too late to do meaningful changes to the Spring season. Just my 2¢

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It’s never too last as we saw with the mythic, day before they changed the spell from red to white. I think some solid ideas and enough people behind it, anything is possible. Well, as history has shown us. What would you like? I said spring but can be any season. What is your ideal perfect hunter???

Yes and no :slight_smile: the teleport is like his rewind, but without the “ghost” mode where he can cast while ghosted.

Aka just rewind, but not limited uses

It gives some of the elements of his playstyle, but without the op component


I’m not a high enough level with a vast enough knowledge of high level spells to give a sensible idea of what a good hunter is. So I can’t say much, I’m not the best hunter flyer though I begin to understand some mechanisms…

Finding a dragon to suite lower levels and higher levels is what PG has been trying to do all along or should be doing. I saw Neptus fly and as beautiful and as strong as she is I’m not skilled enough to fly her but Avyx I get :hugs:

Could we please make the spring hunter the discount dragon? Necryx was very nice, thank you, and I’d love to be able to fini sh a whole hunter branch again!!! And I agree… a viable dragon with no cloak or evasion wouk d be very nice!

It will be sorcerer as per cycle. They can’t just keep giving hunter on discount every time. Players who like Sorcerers will be affected :man_shrugging:

All 3 of them will probably come to forum to complain :joy:


@Gox1201 Complain about the sorcerer? @Luffy I don’t recall sorcerer being in the cycle at-least not since I started playing.
I started in Spring but don’t remember since I came in at the last month and barely understood the game
Spring 2017 Drakius (warrior)
Fall 2017 Necryx (Hunter)
Winter 2017-2018 Leos (Warrior)

I only want Timeshift, vine, and 2 crappy resist (treb and ballista) :yum:

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No I meant all 3 players that like sorcerers

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Hilarious we can dream can’t we

Reads like a lead to me!

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Before drakius was abraxas