Spring 2018 spell kit for remaining Divine drags/rider

Pulled this from PoseidonPQ twitter. Thanks for info


Sorcerer looks… dissapointing to me, which is a pain because I really could use a good sorcerer :/. 0 rage spell is okay, but cooldown is way too high, not to mention lack of white colour for this one.

Hunter looks rather interesting to me. Still didnt go for anything except Oksana 1p and Egg Token boost, so I need to decide which one to go for…

Still wonder how they look in game, blog should be up soon, right?

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The sorcerer is a BOSS clean up dragon if you simply have someone wipe the mages. He’s an absolute beast.

Hunter takes quite a bit of practice and skill, and isn’t great for those who don’t think about what they are doing or who aren’t highly proficient hunter fliers.


How does purification compare to southern cross?

And does a blue mage deactivate the cooldown on vanish?

Southern Cross:
3 rage
65% of max HP
20% HP restoration

2 rage
40% of max HP
10% HP restoration
4 second cooldown

That being said, he does a GREAT job.

Yes, it does.

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Since you have seen him, it bothers me so I will have to ask - does hunter have a beak? Can’t really say for sure by looking at his concept art ^^

Is solar strike strong against max lvl towers, or it shouldn’t be mistaken for Death Gaze?

Nice comparison :+1:t2:

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Question since you tested. the entrap description states “spell duration OR until the next time it takes damage” so is it like sand?


Q&A with GPF :hugs:

How does entrap area compare to enfeeble’s area?

Actually it’s more like a mouth

It’s an instant kill spell.

No, because entrap has a limited time in this case, which is 12 seconds. It does not last forever


I have to check that I am allowed to comment on this.

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Im agree.

Thank you

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So it’d still generally have trouble with farms (below obisidian HP) unless you have enough rage to use purification twice right? Or does the 40% factor in boosted health? Assuming it is base health?

Oh, good to hear about Solar Strike.

Since Im into aesthetics a bit, does Samhrad use same model as Corthanak or different one?

I guess I will follow your opinion and go for sorcerer after all. I am not that good with hunters. Fat fingers :P.

Autumn’s Reap 4 sec duration and 4 sec cool down doesn’t that seem like an awfully long cool down? How does it play?

I am not sure, I didn’t test it at that specific level.