Spring event, it took my sigils

I had 900 sigils and the game made me close for server update but they were gone when it came back on. Also on my main account AwesomeLuna1 I have opened gold chests and got experience potions but they are not there to transfer to dragons.
What is going on this time…
Please help this has happened to a lot of players…

Same problem here had 2900 sigils was waiting for the new dragon that was released on the 7th and i lost all of them n 14k in rubies

There’s already a topic on this. No need to duplicate. @moderators

If you had 2900 and were waiting on the new dragon do you mean you had 2900 Winter sigils? Because those are now expired. You should have only been able to acquire (sans bugs) spring sigils while not having to wait for the new dragon, because they were released at the same time


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