Spring Mythics 2021

Did not see a thread for this yet. I am guessing spring mythics will be an Warrior and Hunter. Whats others guess?


More like a hunter and a sorcerer


It seems like we get a couple warriors at a time.

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Its very hard to do a good mythic sorcerer that won’t suck


I agree not seen one yet

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False. They just know that 99% of the playerbase will go for a hunter because they have always favored them and made them better.


I feel they did a fantastic job with lupin. Hopefully that trend can continue! It’s tough for sorcs mainly due to their basic attack being useless against hammer spam.


I agree that lupin is pretty great! Hopefully they can just do that for a seasonal mythic. Sepulla wasn’t that bad either, they just need to make it more
:dizzy:compelling :dizzy:


Design team worked wonders on sepulla. Really loved the design. If calavore wasn’t so amazing I’d still have gotten calavore :rofl:. Hunter snob reporting! Jk jk. Sep had trouble on long bases if the summon was permanent may have worked idk.


I missed them both. I think I go warrior this season for perch dont like either Mythic

I’d say hunter and warrior too, possibly an ice hunter. I need it lol

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A close personal friend who’s a member of one of the insider factions confirmed that one of the Spring Mythics will be…



Not really. Well yes they favor hunters for sure but people do pick warriors over hunters. The problem is that they’ve made sorcerers the joke class with very few exceptions

Sepulla certainly got much better after her buffs but still had big problems against defenders. Her summon died way too fast against a long island and had no way to heal herself and the damage on A2A couldnt kill much
The one sorcerer I actually got excited for (Lupin) is the one I didnt get and will soon be outdated.

A lot if people just didnt bother claiming a mythic last season because they didnt like either options. The only reason I even claimed Sep was just to have something relevant against 115s and then they released the
verdant mythics Soon after :sob:

That being said, I doubt it will be a sorcerer next season, invokers take the place if the 2nd sorcerer so it “should” be warrior and hunter

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PG make it a real tough one next season :crazy_face:

Make the next season two mythics a Hunter and a invoker :metal:t3::rofl:

Chunk 2.0!? :heart_eyes:


If it’s Ice hunter…I won’t even look at the Invoker…


Who wouldnt like a jacked version of the one and only chunk? How about “Chunkezen” and he got some dope spells on him.

Well in terms of Seasonal Mythics the only patterns I have seen have been:

  1. They never repeat both classes in the next season, there is always at least one new class in the cycle. (So we won’t see an Invoker and Warrior pairing next season).
  2. They never repeat a class for more than two seasons in a row. (So while we could get a Warrior or an Invoker in spring, if we get it in spring, we won’t get it in Summer).
  3. They do not pair an Invoker with a Hunter or Sorcerer (since the class has overlap between the two).

With that in mind the possibilities for the class combinations are:



Kuch bacha kya?:joy::rofl:


Yeah not going to happen that’s just chunk