Spring seals disappeared

hello to the launch of the spring season I have disappeared 1 k of seals never again reappear. I had opened 60 gold boxes and I had found many seals. reckoning with the seals taken and the seals expended you can easily see their lack. I write to the assistance with photos of the gold boxes and they repeat to me to restart the game, but the seals do not come back

@PGJared @Arelyna

make sure to put the Ticket Number in here if u want PG Staff to look into your problem

I can take a peak, but as @Sumatan said, I would need the ticket number.

Those poor seals


Ticket number #1061622

Ticket number #1061622

Hey bud i had this issue yesterday after using the 1.2k sigils from the team archivements. I decided to wait for a bit before submitting a ticket, took about 2 hours but i did got them back.

@PGJared my ticket no is 1060950 I am thinking there are so many things missing in my account. Please take a look into my issue

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