Spring season 2018 sorcerer

Ive been thinking about what I would love to see a sorcerer have for the next season while the development team no doubt will soon be brainstorming for and then zamrok popped into my head and I realized, how well would a sorcerer with mystic winds and an invincible familiar work. both spells repels the sorcerer’s weakness but would it make it too powerful?

Btw would love for the next season to be rainbow themed,simply because i’d hope it would give the designers more fun with vibrant colors like with deci and kerbos

Rainbow themed!!! Yes that needs to happen lol


I like the multicolored Dragons. For me it is going to be a Yes. Rainbow themed dragons :grin:

Fae was a rainbow dragon.

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No, Fae was a bunny dragon. Many players thought she was hideous

Hahahah… my favorite ferret indeed. And yeah, I don’t care about looks as long as it does the job. And Fae did the job nicely until 50 level farms came in.


Chaos runes/glyphs and they fall like any other :slight_smile:

Give me an enhanced Nex in the spring and i would be fine :grin:

Take away lightning resists add Crumble to Dust!

I love sand Although it could be faster :thinking:… Maybe replacing it with an Enhanced version of spell flux might be nice? Like at one rage cost? Ha

He’s your lead dragon and finisher! :rofl:

SUPERFAE (10 Char)

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Rainbow dragon!! :rainbow_flag:Yes all the way around.

Bro no one wants a rainbrow dragon! :unamused:


The sorcerer shoudl strong like Wraith yet delicate but also strong like Equestor and that sorcerer shoudl be rainbow themed. The sorcerer shoudl have some new spells that I made up:
Runes of Fury(Active):Gives the dragon a constant rune floating above it and changes in its color makes the dragin stronger as the dragon’s health goes down.
Poison Siphon(blue,1 rage, 2 seconds):Dragon recovers health from poison debuff instead of losing health.
Rune blast(white, 3 rage):Dragons unleashes 5 random bursts of rune energy on nearby towers.
Mirror Resist(active):Resist changes every time the dragons takes damage. The resist basically changes to protect the dragon from damage from all the towers.
Copyright on all these spells goes to the creator of them, xNyxMagex

Yes! A rainbow theme! I love it! :smiley:

Check my recent post.

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