Spring Season Mythic’s..... Balance/Not?

Ronin(Mythic Hunter):

*Way To Heal :white_check_mark:

*Way to Disable Towers(For 12 Seconds):white_check_mark:

*Way to Gain Rage(Cycling through “Adaptive Immunity” gives a small amount of rage back):white_check_mark:

*Way to deal massive Damage(A form of a “Death Gaze”):white_check_mark:


*Involves Skill & Timing to fly him effectively✅


*Ick Flak Ss

*Storm/Earth Ss can “prevent” him from dealing damage towards other towers( Take out Storm/Earth Towers as quickly as you can)

*No way to dodge incoming damage(Only by his “Adaptive Immunity” Resist)

*Can Get Mage Drain If there not taken care of quickly/first (Reminder you can get a small about of rage back from cycling through his “Adaptive Immunity” resist)

Zenko(Mythic Sorcerer):

*Way to heal ( With his spell “ Foxfire Bolt” is a new form of “Tidal Wave” it may heal more upon cast) :white_check_mark:

*Way to gain rage( From his Passive “Trickster’s Toolkit”((Basically a new form of “Steal Essence”)) once you destroy a tower you gain some rage back & a spell depending on what tower you destroy first):white_check_mark:

*Way to dodge incoming damage from his spell “KitSune Mischief” briefly ( Blue mage must be already destroyed before using “KitSune Mischief”)(Honestly they need to make that spell like the one on Itzani that is a white form of “KitSune Mischief” that will help him a lot):white_check_mark:

*Way to take incoming damage with “Elemental Resist” that reduce 50% on all Elemental Incoming Damage & Beams :white_check_mark:

*Involves skill & timing to use him effectively :white_check_mark:



*Ice Flak Ss

*Storm & Earth towers Ss can really hurt him from dealing damage to towers.

*Mage towers(Red & Blue) Ss can make him unable to use his spells that he heavily rely’s on, Once mage drain he his a sitting duck( Keep in mind we don’t know the spell cost yet so he “Might” have a 0 cost spell that can help him with this issue)


Overall they are balance out the gate, they both got there strength & Weakness.

They both involves Skill & timing to use there spell kit effectively.

What do you guys think?


I don’t really like any of them now. Maybe when we can see them in action my opinion will change, but right now it seems that I will hoard rubies and gold chests for another season.


I agree, we need to see them in action first & for most before making any decisions :ok_hand:

I was hoping the mythic sorcerer “Had” a better spell kit then this… atm I’m disappointed in the sorcerer mythic. Design wise they look amazing like always :innocent:


Too early to tell :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: we need to see them fly first. And dont call out for another nerf for pete’s sake :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Who said anything about a nerf?(Besides you)

At the current state there in they “look” Balance
Honestly I hope they do something to the sorcerer mythic to make him better…
But we still don’t know what that new form of “Steal Essence” on him actually dose…

So “We” need to see them in action first.

I think there is absolutely no way to know with the information that has been provided lol


I don’t know depending on rage requirements might be a hard pass for me this season.

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You said it yourself that you deem they are balanced, hence, what’s the aim of this thread? Those dragons haven’t even been released yet. Give PG a chance. We can whine afterwards. Just sayin :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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ability description, it may look balance.

We need to wait for the actual ability being used, their numbers and amount of rage required.

I want to know especially how “Way of the Blade” works unless I missed a spell that has the same behavior as that one. If the dragon was sorcerer, I might think that it boost your normal attack, but the dragon is a hunter so… we’ll have to wait and see.


looking at the current spells they look fairly balanced what do you think?

Of course we don’t know what “Way of the blade”
Dose exactly but they did say it kind of works like a form of death gaze :man_shrugging:t2:

The sorcerer new “Trickster’s Toolkit” we don’t know what spell or spells you get from destroying a specific tower yet :man_shrugging:t2:

So “overall” what I said was they look Balance.

I agree. :ok_hand:

3 way death gaze

single target
small AoE
bigger than small (by 1.5 or 2) AoE

If that’s the case, it can potentially destroy 5-6 towers in total depending on the location.
First being a single tower
Second can destroy at most 2 buildings
Third can destroy at most 3 buildings on specific locations or 2 on other locations.


If it’s true, it’s a bit confusing…

  1. DG size can destroy 2 at many locations
  2. Enfeeble size can destroy 2 or 3.
  3. Anything bigger, and it’s Ragnarok…

Way of the Blade had better have an awesome animation (that doesnt involve flashing lights). Ragnarok got one so I want to see towers sliced apart by a sword

We’ll see. It might be a new spell that isn’t a re-skin


Good point :thinking:
We need to wait & see

Cause it’s a “White” Spell I doubt it will be like Ragnarok…

May be like enfeebled size :man_shrugging:t2::face_with_monocle::thinking:

Rage cost and way of the blade are guna be what makes or brakes this dragon I think

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Just saying. most people thought surt was just gonna be a follow dragon when this stage of information came out. We need details first before we claim there balanced or not. I didn’t read much but the title so don’t get to mad lol if u addressed this^

This thread shouldn’t really be a “legit” conversation until full information is known. Right now it’s a half-informed guess at best.