Spring Season Mythic’s..... Balance/Not?


12 seconds?


…And I thought I was wrong.

Thank you for proving my brain works properly even when I’m drunk. :sweat_smile:


What about Zenko vines, do they carry to the next dragon?


They’re permanent until the towers take damage.


Thank you.


Let me just say this…

Before we judge the dragon by his spells we need to see him in action & against defended bases before we start calling for a “Nerf” or anything else in this matter.

“Never judge a book by its cover before reading it”

Today they will fly all the divine dragons on “Twitch” keep in mind the dragons & base are not geared up like live bases & dragons.


What I seen on today stream, I “can” say both mythic’s are balanced…

Against defenders they will struggle “if” not flown correctly.

Like I said some comments above you need to know what tower to kill first to insure your Survivability.


I’m giving up arguing with people who understand whistles for flasks :woman_shrugging:


What you mean?


its an Italian proverb - means to understand nothing


Gia ?


I wouldn’t use the stream to determine balance. The bases they fly against aren’t defended and aren’t set up great.

I’d also want to see max gear and mythics on perches, defenders, and fully runed to get a full picture of it. Honestly I feel like PG should allow some GPF footage of exclusively the dragons being released to be shown. Seeing what people like lutrus and other phenomenal fliers can do will really show if these dragons are worth it. It’ll also show exactly how good these are against meta bases and also highlight counter strategies. That and GPF members can have a bit of fun flexing their flying/defending muscles for show.

That and having some of the games fanciest fliers showing what they can do would likely sell the dragons well. Not knocking the streams. They are good at what they do. But it would be a nice extra on top


+1 to this :point_up:


Of course I understand & 100% agree what you said above.

I only say there “Balance” do to the fact she almost died when flying Ronin & Zenko with no defenders, an she a good flyer as well.

The base didn’t have any gear on it, “if” that base had max gear it will show easily over 8 Billion Dp(Defense Power)

As well as the rider didn’t have gear equip on him either, “if” he did he’s easily going over 6 Billion Ap(Attack power)

With defenders they will struggle, especially “if” the defenders know what they are doing I guarantee they will die majority of the time.

Of course I’ll like to see a max out Ronin & Zenko against a max out base with defenders to see if I stand “corrected”


I will respectfully disagree here but I am going to drop the point


All good, everyone got there own preference. No one is wrong when stating there opinions :innocent:


Unless you me apparently :joy: :man_shrugging:

For GPF fliers I think the skew of exceptional fliers would make nearly any dragon look awesome. More average flying gives a better perspective to more people of how the dragon will act when they fly it.

Edit: Liz says this in better words I guess here below.


Exceptional fliers are outliers, both in the population and in the subset known as GPF.

I am an absolutely average flier. Sometimes below average. Maybe most of the time, now that I think about it.



Just stating others were asking for the exceptionals, which wouldn’t be bad to see, just not the only needed to see.


Eh, not sure that’s a good idea actually. I think vids by more “average” fliers would be better since it would give the majority of the player base a better idea of what they could achieve with the dragon. Sure awesome people like Lutrus can make the dragons shine and show the absolute limits of their potential, but most people would only manage to scratch the surface of that, which could lead to some bitter disappointment.