Spring Season Mythic’s..... Balance/Not?




I also think that exposing optimized strategies instead of letting folks figure it out for themselves instead may not be ideal for some of the top teams/fliers out there. The faster and better people learn certain techniques, this gives them an advantage in wars, Atlas attacks etc.

If top teams knew that certain players were showing off skills on videos, there may be incentives to not show the best techniques, not fly your best, and it still may not be a true representation of what the dragon is capable of.


Don’t they post intended strategies in text under the dragons that everyone can read? This should give people enough info to at least fly decent or know what to practice. Or is that info way off or something???


PG fliers are far from the best fliers in the game. There advice is a starting point, it’s rarely the finish line

I will admit that perhaps only showing the best fliers could do more harm than good. But I still stand by my point that a more competitive flight would make things so much easier to decide on for those that aren’t as good at reading a kit


Good enough if you ask me.
Some training (showing how to fly a dragon is a kind of training) is better than nothing at all. If it’s just for showing the tricks, everyone should be killing any base with Hau, there are a good quantity of videos. And yet, the ones that can master her are a few. But I know that is doable and I can keep trying. At least I know what I don’t know how to do.

Lack of knowledge of how to fly dragons creates the request of “I win” / OP dragons.


I never said it was the finish line. But it’s a decent starting point. If you can’t even read a kit, their text gives you the info you need for a start.

Lutruses can’t be made through any text, nor any video. Even if an excellent flyer was displayed, I think vastly more people would end up disappointed, since they probably couldn’t fly that way themselves.


Nobody quit for not being able to fly Hau. I’m not sure why you think that people would end up disappointed… some will, some others will try to fly better


Once they get Ronin or Zenko they’ll get used to there spells, practice makes perfect.

They just need to keep flying them & get a feel how & when to used certain spells.


I would argue about 80% of the player base has no idea what makes a good kit. Like a genuinely competitive kit. The amount of people who watch the streams and say that pathox and surt were weak and “disappointments” when they were announced was scary. Hell the amount of people that said Gunnar was worthless.

That was with the text. It’s why I would like some competitive flights to really show why dragons are good visually rather than just with words


i agree, ppl will say anything they want but don’t believe a word they say until you see actual proof from pg live stream or videos on “ YouTube” of players actually flying them. Then & only then we can say anything about them being great,good, or trash.


Dopo aver riletto le specifiche di Ronin mi sono accorto di non aver letto la parte dei 6s di cooldown :grimacing: Ora mi sento leggermente in imbarazzo ma
alla luce di ciò, Execute non sembra essere così op. Comunque sia resta una magia davvero davvero forte


Completely agree

Also being in GPF certainly gives teams strategic advantages. Knowing which lines are better, having time to figure out how to optimize and utilize new dragons. Assuming no leaks they are able to teach their team on release day shortening their team’s learning curve.


Thank you for the breakdown. It’s not quite as many more as I originally had thought… if, I can finish the first while it’s half off… :joy::joy:


Your going for a mythic this season?

If so… how many rubies you got & gold chest atm?..


From the Footage below…

What are your “initial” first reactions?..


I say so, from the looks of it & you got to take in account there was no defenders defending the current bases(Any dragon can solo a base with no defenders). With defenders they will drain his rage & spamming hammers down like there’s no tomorrow.

What you guys think?


If that run is without defenders then he is weaker than I thought


He mad some mistakes & he didn’t mange is spell correctly either…

Basically he’s just showing what your getting & showing him off on live base so everyone will get a ideal how to fly him…


still if that dragon meets defenders in kill islands he is toast , I think he would be better if he had that itzani blu spell that gives health on tower destruction ( Bloodlust - Active | Blue | 1 Rage

​Dragon gains 2 Rage, for a net gain of 1 rage, and destroying a tower heals the Dragon for a percentage of the damage done. Spell has a 5 second duration and 2 second cooldown)

maybe a similar version without the rage part to keep it balanced


That’s were you & me disagree, he got a great healing spell no need to change it.

He will take time to get used to & everyone flys him differently, it takes Timing to get his spell down. It’s not a 1…2… button presses then I’m good, no he will require a lot of skills to use him effectively( he’s not Surt)


when he will face an ice flak all he would be able to use is his ammo , while taking damage and destrorying ice flak or storm/earth flak he will be toast :stuck_out_tongue:

not sure tho if he can activate his white spells while turning around the corner and cast
it when facing the island with ice flak supershot activated