Spring Season Mythic’s..... Balance/Not?


“If” your a experience flyer you know what to destroy first & for most the Storm/Earth tower before anything or you could “entrap” the first 3 front building fast so they can’t hit you.

Then take care of the 2 back towers, even if you got rage drain you still got “way of the blade” spell first 2 cast to help you destroy the remaining back towers with 0 rage.

An plus Ronin is not just a Solo hunter, he is just as good as a set of hunter as a solo one.( No one sees the actual “potential” he gots)


I dont show off my flying skills lets say I am a hunter addicted and trick dragon flier :stuck_out_tongue: and I am definitely getting ronin


Same here my friend :sunglasses::ok_hand:


Just reading Fighting Spirit.
Is it mentioned somewhere that it boost Ammo regen rate by 400%?


Honestly I never heard of that until now mate, where you hear or see that from?..


In game files*


Is that accurate orca ?


Check the video. The ammo regen is increased rapidly during FS active duration.


Fighting Spirit - Active | Blue | 1 Rage
Drains all remaining Hunter Ammo and restores 20% of Dragon’s modified HP, increased by how much ammo was consumed, up to 78% of the modified HP. **

Dragon has increased Hunter ammo regeneration for its 2.5 second duration

**. Spell has a 5 second cooldown.

doesnt say amount :face_with_monocle:


Well it is a new form of “Consume” …

Yes, once you pointed out his ammo Regeneration after using the spell his ammo is back up in no time.


I think he looks fun, I’d like to know if you can pre cycle his spell tho without using it on a tower. I think he’s gonna have a tough time with defenders. One defender he’ll probably be ok but I don’t think he can do two defenders but very rarely. Likely 3 defenders and he’s toast. Really just depends on if defenders can kill him while he entraps


Hard to say without Footage of Ronin against defenders :man_shrugging:t2:


His amo does regen a lot faster than consume. You can really feel the difference in the speed of amo recovery between the two spells.


400% means that in the time you tipically get 1 bar, you get 4? That’s about the time between long and short islands right? (turn)
Interesting. You need 1 rage though to cast…


Yep, but it is helpful for getting more amo back if you need an extra burst to take down a tower with hammer spam :upside_down_face:


:point_up: (Have a nice day - 5 characters)


i think is a good balanced dragon, will go for him.
But i don’t like one thing, after surt disaster, i notice this taliban army yelling “only skilled fliers” or “if you can’t fly, die”. Well i agree but don’t exceed in pointless tricky solutions.


Cause it’s true mate, if you don’t fly him correctly you will die. I’m not saying anyone or myself can get hatch Ronin & fly him out the gate like a pro. No, all I’m saying is there a big learning curve & thought needed to take in account when flying him.

The more you fly him the better, so you get a understanding or a feel for him & his spell kit.


Ffs what is ur problem mate??just because his one spell is so strong u ask for him to be nerfed??yeahhh, right then what is the point of getting a mythic with just 1 strong side which u demand to be nerfed??look at overall picture dont be stuck in 1 detail…he cant dodge so he has to deal with towers like a warrior but wait he has no shield and way too low hp compared to warriors so yeahh lets take away his only selling point and move on…


thanks for posting that video… ronin looks pretty weak if you ask me, now i know to pass him up.

getting any dragon that requires that much planning ahead of time, with little to no defenders and perfect skill is not worth getting if you ask me. its good to be skilled with the dragons, yes and know what you’re doing on the fly, but you shouldn’t need to study someone’s base. that might be fine in regular war… but in atlas when seconds count you just want to click and fight, no time to study anyone’s base. and if the base is defended, forget it you’re finished.

Surt and UVS are better IMO, and they are warriors so that says a lot about how sucky this hunter is.