Spring Season Mythic’s..... Balance/Not?


sorry but i don’t find a connection with what I said. You replied with the obvious.
But as SirYoYo explained better than me, my feeling is that now there is a lot of pressure to make exaggerated tactical dragons. Relax a little, it’s often nice to improvise during an attack, without cervellotic plannings


Oh my god you actually have to think before you fly what a disaster… he is so so bad omg. It doesn’t take that long to study a base especially when all the bases are similar in nature flak flak blue red flak storm flak whatever it may be it’s just about what is placed where. I bet all the people complaining that he is so bad can’t fly hunters at all.


yup and ps anyone who is in empyrean tier now that got a sneak peak at the emp mythics noticed that the hunter is also dark… so no need to have 2 mythic dark emp hunters if you ask me… the regular one not yet released seemed to have a white spell that cloaked, so will be much more effective than ronin if you ask me.

also the new emp mythic sorcerer will be wind as well, but that’s ok i’ll go for the zenko as my prize even tho zenko is also mythic wind emp sorcerer… sucks they did that, seems intentional if you ask me. i guess they don’t want you to have a max mythic empyrean of evey element… so that’s all the more reason to pass on ronin if you are near end of game breeding wise and don’t have 2 max wind riders (who does?)


Or it was just a base model they haven’t actually come close to finalizing.


maybe :slight_smile: but i’m going to assume what i seen that i wasn’t supposed to see is what i will see soon enough and i’m going by that lol


Lol okay. Let me know how that works out.


Exactly, there just “Complaining” cause it takes to much thought to fly him.

An if you don’t look at a base layout before flying, I’m sorry but your not a good flyer imho.


Can you provide pictures mate?
If not it’s hard to believe what you say.


Is it about Mafic, Rhyo, and Girasol’s placeholder for Mythic Empyrian?


Don’t know :man_shrugging:t2:


Here’s Ronin against Defended bases.


Both runs were sloppy, relied on the fact he was emp leg stats instead of kit.


Pretty much this.

Right now maxed ronin”s are winning due to raw numbers. They are literally a tier up on maxed towers so are just factually stronger with raw numbers. A vanguard ronin va maxed towers would be good to see.


Exactly :point_up_2:


Same goes to UVS right :woozy_face:


UVS doesn’t count :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Exactly. They also used weaker end game bases (I say with my shit base) instead of strong ones. The bases aren’t bad by any means, but they certainly aren’t their teams top bases, or close from what I can tell.


Well I think with these videos we can certainly say there’s a high probability he will not be nerfed lol… I didn’t pay close enough attention but I don’t remember seeing too many shield type towers on the first base. But his kit is overall better than I expected


Why is nobody talking about ZENKO?
On Paper seems really really strong. A fusion of Itzani + Neptus with Elemental Resist!


It’s only a matter of time. That trickster’s toolkit spell is pretty amazing.

Even in that video, that defense against the Ronin was pretty half-hearted…