Spring Season Mythic’s..... Balance/Not?


I was. Thinking to say goodbye to Ronin and take ZENKO


There’s no Video of him “yet”
He’s just as good as Ronin only down side of Zenko is once rage drain your you know…

Plus the majority of the player prefer Hunters over Sorcerers that’s how it is.

Anyways it also comes down to the players class “preference” if they like flying sorcerers more then hunters then they’ll get Zenko, if the opposite then they’ll get Ronin.

They both got there up’s & downs, Ronin got two 0 rage spells(“Way of the blade”… Slice & Thrust) Zenko doesn’t unfortunately, but Zenko got “Trickster’s Toolkit” that gives him a spell that counter act Mage Ss & take no Damage briefly once the spell is active.

There’s what you get once you destroy a tower & what spell you get.


You can usually hit two towers with a death-gaze sized spell (like Foxfire Bolt), and with the average rage drain including an ice flak in the middle, you’ll hopefully clip a blue mage as well and get a magic barrier in the process. Let’s wait for some more info from the pros and maybe a good video though :’)


My only issue with zenko is his element. Pathox is too young to be retired. I’m sure I’m not the only one lol


End gamers have no use for pathox, especially when new tower levels come out, so it’s pretty appealing for them. I will agree that non end tier players still have a shelf life for pathox.


I agree. And I’m obviously not endgame not talking on their behalf :grin:


Same, I originally was interested in Zenko and then it was revealed that he was wind. Im already struggling to level an offensive and defensive wind set so he’s a definite nope for me.

Sad too because Id have liked a non-hunter this season that’s worth using. I love my pathox but constantly flying hunters is getting boring and Haku certainly isnt going to be fullfilling any desires for a good non hunter. Ive got zero hope for the other warrior so it’ll probably be 2 riders and Ronin for me.


I guess not with Ronin, as he has much more variation than Pathox. :smirk_cat:


He will be but still, it’s getting really repetitive. Most of the legendaries we’re getting are really terrible. Just once Id like to see a legendary warrior that was actually good.


Yea he’s called UVS :joy:
(Even though UVS is a “Mythic” dragon once he hits Empyrean tier he’s just a legendary warrior. Not like this season when Ronin & Zenko once reach Empyrean tier will be actually Empyrean Mythic’s of course when they release the Empyrean tier Mythic’s)


What is this legendary version of UVS of which you speak?

Also I wasnt much of a fan of her pre change and by that point decisions had already been made and sigils spent for gold chest hoarding


Anyways on topic…

Kaiji is a solid sorcerer & if you are getting “Tired” Of Hunters then get Zenko then Ronin. Zenko is just as good as Ronin when it comes down to skill requirements & timing using both of the Mythic’s spells.

Zenko honestly looks fun to fly, if I could get both I 100% would.


Im E2P so that’s not happening. 1 free mythic a season is doable, 2 is not.

As I said, already have a pathox, dont need another wind dragon. If Zenko had been dark then Id get him over Ronin


Many are in a similar position in regards to pathox vs zenko.
If pathox is your primary solo/lead then you need to have an alternate solo/lead dragon of another element or be replacing him with a wind dragon that is stronger.


Yep which is why I’ll end up going for Ronin. I just recently retired Necryx so I have a full set of dark gear calling out for someone new.

I do also have Corth… but rarely use him anymore :sob: for serious flights. he just cant put out the damage anymore to deal with hammer spam. Poor Corth


If that’s really holding you back is his Element, I honestly will still get him do to the fact Pathox can only go up to vanguard tier but Zenko can go to Empyrean tier.

You can easily put your leftover wind gear on Zenko for now until you forge another set or once pathox is “Irrelevant” then you can just put the rider on him :face_with_monocle:

Of course that’s me, you do what you see fit,


Unless the said person is tooooooooooo far from Vanguard Empyrian…

My bad…


Im just about to hit 300 so this basically doesnt apply at all. Empyrean is well over a year away for me (assuming any of us are even still playing at that point).

My point is that Im not going to go after a mythic that I wouldn’t be able to use to its max potential relative to myself and there’s no way Im crazy enough to try leveling a 3rd set if wind gear.

Edit: also they ruined Zenko by not giving him a goat launching spell with life like sound effects (this is the true reason Im not getting him. Preorder canceled) :goat:


That’s understandable, then get Ronin :sunglasses:


I got a feeling your a low lv hu?
Just out of curiosity :sweat_smile: