Spring Season Mythic’s..... Balance/Not?


:sweat_smile: A low level one, without mythic divine (will try for one this season).


For the gear depends on the level imo. If you are low you have time to get gear on him, if you are not you will want to equip straight away.


Nice :sunglasses:
You won’t be disappointed on who ever you pick from the two.


Yep that’s 100% true, once I get him I’m putting my dark set on him right away.

I can’t wait :sunglasses::tada:


Cavaleris. Leos. People have said positive things about Nolliag and Tez.

None of them were “ZOMG MUST HAZ!”, but they were solid legendary seasonal warriors.


Leos was ok for the time he came out but was never anything special or interesting

Cav has his uses but doesnt accomplish much against a good defended base. He needed a better damage boosting spell and a real resist. He’s probably the best we’ve gotten in a long time but he often falls short of actually killing anything. Plus an ice flak just destroys him

Nollaig was ok but his freeze didnt last nearly as long as it needed to and not having a real resist really hinders him. The thing I dislike the most on him is his freeze doesnt instantly freeze projectiles like Gunnar does so he often still gets rage drained

Tez was for some reason designed to hit long bases… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Cav has his uses sometimes as a lead but most of the time they’re all casual base fliers unless it’s a weak base or they’re over leveled


Cav is a real good lead dragon, even defended.

You need to hold your shield until you need it (mage SS or avoid damage).

He lack some firepower for solo bases with high lvl farms but I don’t thinks it’s ment to be able to do so.

He is pretty tanky and the second dragons just destroy the base thanks to the atk buff received.

I love Cav lead for PvP events, you can hit higher thanks to his cleaning and buff.

PS: I’m in Obsidian tier


I think the difference in opinion has to do with the expectation, or the definition of what is “good”. Of the dragons I listed (Cav, Leos, Nolliag, and Tez), I think anything more than what they actually were would have made them “great”. As it stands, I think they were already “good”. And again, this is with your previously mentioned caveat of “at the time they were released”.

In my personal opinion, I think all mythics should be “great” (not the same as “OP”). Legendaries should all be “good”. Nothing should ever suck.

But I don’t get what I want all that often.


I would enjoy this very much. I dont need a broken legendary warrior, I just want one that can consistently do things and actually has a chance against a defended base that they’re not overleveled for.

Cav was fair, Nollaig was meh, neither were of the same quality as Fomhar or Prospero. Warriors are supposed to be tanks but you cant tank with ice flak resist or no way to recover from rage drain.


And PG agenda to put elemental resist only on mythic divine warrior/sorcerer. May be give adaptive flak resist to legendary warrior :thinking:


When I asked Lawson during a live stream why warriors keep getting ice flak resist and hunters keep getting adaptive resist/flak resist his answer was that hunters need it more and warriors dont :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


They dont get it. Do they?
With all due respect to PGKharnyx, I highly doubt that they understand how defended base mechanism works against dragon. Good that they got GPF


Well they did keep trying to convince us that S&H was a good dragon so… apparently not. Maybe things would be different if PG actually played their own game more than casually


They’ve pushed the festives as viably fun/quirky (and maybe not as obvious on how to fly it) vs war dragon. We just lucked out with Necryx.


I think you mean Axi?


No, Necryx - earliest solid bonus, though technically just discount non-required branch. I had never gotten around to gearing Axi up, as Pathox was announced by the time I had gotten it leveled.


I saw an emerald Cav go down three times during our last war to a suboptimized level 230-ish base, that dragon is hot garbage if you have an ice flak.


thats why ill switch my Rider with Elites Gears on Gunnar to Kaiji :wink:


Or a storm tower and smart defenders (don’t pre-load mages)


Necryx wasnt a festive though. He’s by the far the greatest discount dragon we’ve ever had and I still think someone at PG might have been drunk when they gave the OK to give us him discounted… That for sure will never happen again. Anuba was the festive-not festive of that season and he was decent for the time.

I still would like to know from them how they feel that a dragon designed more for fun, casual flying rather than serious flying should still cost full price (we all know the actual answer)