Spring Season Mythic’s..... Balance/Not?


The real question everyone is missing is how to Rune Ronin?..:thinking::face_with_monocle::thinking::face_with_monocle:

I say Hunter Hp cause when you equip his Legendary Rune & Mythic Glyph they both have Hunter Attack increase as the 2nd skill…

Plus he will be taking some damage do to the fact he doesn’t have cloak.

How would you guys Rune him?


Im torn on what rune to use besides his legendary. My options are

  • legendary ammo
  • mythic rage
  • leos’ mythic Pride rune (+12% hp)

Glyph wise I may go more 8% attack glyphs


I’m going to put the legendary & mythic runes you get from his branch an put Hp rune, Hp glyph, & Attack Glyph on him.

Plus the 2nd skill on the 2 glyphs I’m putting on him is Rage regen so no need for me to equip any rage runes on him.

Oh yea an put this season rider on him do to the lack of extra ammo runes I got :sweat_smile:


I have a total of 1 ammo rune which I accidentally got from the last runic chests which I bought on accident and couldnt get a refund for. Ive been debating to put it on Pathox or Ronin

Either way Saito is going on Ronin

I saw some people saying that Adaptive Immunity gives less rage recovery than flak resist does. Anyone know how much it is per cycle?


They don’t know what they’re talking about, lol.


From: Springblossom Stream Preview Notes


I still remember when people were saying “it’s a discount - you get what you pay for”… I still chuckle as I did then when I think about it :rofl:


Ooh nice - faster cooldown for more rage - I like it!


Worst mistake of that season: Not starting Necryx while he was on sale :rofl: Luckily for me the old forums were down and the new ones weren’t up yet so I was waiting to see forum consensus on Necryx vs Gargula… And fortunately for me I was able to max Necryx out, though I paid full price for him :cry:


Oh nice, thanks. I was wondering about that since Lawson had said it was similar to adaptive flak resist.

Any advice for his runes/glyphs other than his own?


I paid full price for both necryx and grogg that season :see_no_evil:


At least I got Grogg 50% off :rofl::rofl: Managed to finish the entire line while he was on sale and that was back when I was on my old Plat 4 team that wasn’t very competitive :sweat_smile:


I managed to get Nec half price and as much of Grogg as I could while it was discounted. My first really productive season.


We are also getting off topic while reminiscing about past seasons :sweat_smile:


I would argue that Necryx love is always ON TOPIC…

But anyways,

(on topic) YES…:man_shrugging:


I want to trade in Grogg for Spindra :sob:


I will trade my pathox/uvs for necryx without any thoughts.
Necryx has been the best divine till date in my opinion. You never get such an amazing spell set synergy and then pair him with Hauheset - deadly combo


I wish I had a Extra ammo Rune :sweat_smile::joy:
Only had 1 & it’s on Pathox :sweat_smile:


Remember when we got a refund for paying full price for Grogg in the first two weeks? Pepperidge Farm remembers. Oh those were the days… well, kind of. His gear sucked but I had to keep it because of the name. Poor Grogg, so out dated, so checker boarded

On topic: something about Ronin… oh, Saito will be stealing Grogg’s job as my dark rider and going on Ronin.


Same, Saito will be for sure on Ronin.


Hmmm :thinking: Maybe I could do that. I was planning on using Swann for Ronin since I just got Kevanna and plan on sticking her on Pathox instead of Swann once I get her leveled up all the way (Swann clashes terribly with Pathox but looks awesome on Ronin IMO).

I could always respec Swann to be a warrior rider once they release rider respec capabilities and use Swann as a warrior rider for UVS instead…