Spring Season Mythic’s..... Balance/Not?


We need some gameplay of Zenko & Kaiji still :face_with_monocle:


:eyes: really? Swann is just so…out there…I don’t think she’ll ever look good on anything…


Saito is better then swann.:joy:


She has a sword (which sort of goes with Ronin’s style) and her red coat matches with Ronin’s armor. I paired the combo while testing Ronin :slight_smile:


Just wanted to than you for writing out such a well thought post with lots of good information. I would have to say that by your analysis they do look pretty balanced, there’s definitely weaknesses to exploit. That being said only time will tell what these mythics look like in flight.


Any video of Zenko flying yet. Not much talk about him.


So you think a dragon that dies majority of the time is balanced?


I would normally agree with your point, and maybe ronin appears to be slightly on the weaker side of balance. I will say if it were not for entrap, he would be a crap dragon. Hunters need disabling spells going forward to be viable imo, otherwise they will die on shielded islands. Since he has entrap, he has potential.


“If” Ronin dies it’s because the “Flyer” wasn’t using his spells correctly or it was do to poor flying. Plus I was “referring” to the Facebook live stream video, when she “was” flying Ronin poorly that “almost” cost him to die do to the lack of skill & mistakes.

He’s “Not” your typical hunter we’re you can cloak right away to dodge all incoming damage once the blue mage is destroyed. No, without cloak you need to plan your next move “Carefully” if not any mistake will “majority” of the time make you die.

So the lack of skills & planning ahead will mostly or not cause you to die.

Is he balance?..

I say yes he’s is, it all comes down to Skills & when to use his spells to insure his “Survivability”. Once you get better flying him over time, you will die extremely less from practice/experience.


If I was guna put satio on ronin would you guys recommend focusing on hp boost or attack boost


Why would it need hp?


Cause he doesn’t have cloak, so he can’t dodge incoming damage. An the Legendary Rune & Mythic Glyph 2nd skill is hunter attack increases.


get gud don’t get hit :sunglasses::rofl:


I demonstrated in an earlier thread that adding a small amount of HP to a dragon doesn’t actually do much for its survivability. Adding HP to dragons can be important for other reasons, but “so it can soak more flak shots” isn’t one of them.


To stay alive longer typically that’s what hp is for in ronin case he can only block damage by his immunity spell and locking down towers but on long island there’s so many towers u won’t lock them all your guna take some hits


So you would recommend focusing on attack boost ?


If only :joy:


If I was making the decision for myself, I would review the spells and see if they are based on HP or Attack Power. That is the one I would focus on. In Ronin’s case, Way of the Blade is based on Attack Power.

But in all honesty, I would recommend doing anything and everything @Lutrus says, and only listen to me when I’m pontificating or using graphs and charts.


You have to plan, or burn 10k rubies if you do a mistake :wink:


Ding ding ding