Spring Season Mythic’s..... Balance/Not?


Personally, I will go with that configuration of Saito for Ronin:

PS: credit to whoever did this chart (and the other possibilities). It’s not mine, I got it through my team whatsapp group.


Thanks for the info :sunglasses::ok_hand:


I have major concerns with regard to playerbase mentality when a dragon is considered underpowered because it can be shot down. Isn’t that part of the game and shouldn’t all dragons have the potential to be beaten if they are outplayed?

Side note, with regard to whether HP or attack damage is the one to go for. Consider the fact that a few percent of either for the stats is very very rarely going to make any difference. However if these stats double dip with spell scaling… that’s where the decision should lie. Which stat is going to give you the biggest boosts overall.


I can agree with this but losing and winning should be equal in my opinion and not necessarily swayed to one side. Being shot down a majority of the time equal tier equal gear definitely isn’t balanced. Triple defended isn’t all too common so a dragon losing most of the time there is ok, but double defended should be pretty much even with a slight lean towards the base killing the dragon. 1 defender should lean towards the dragon. Undefended the dragon should basically have the same advantage against a base 3 defenders have against the dragon. As in undefended the dragon should win a majority of the time


I agree with this. I think players tend to desire dragons that can blow up bases, getting :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: on undefended bases, and sometimes even defended bases. Anything counter to that is considered underpowered and not worthwhile.

But is that aligned with PG’s design intention? Man, that would have been a great question to ask @PGLawson during that AMA.


They had when they got super surt out. Now I think they got their stuff together


Yes the balance triple defended should favour the bases. I still stand by my point.

I have not seen enough gameplay to form a solid opinion there either way. Looking at the kit I cannot see how this dragon could be unviable against equal tier bases. I am happy to be proved right or wrong with evidence. But as it is the first week of the season I don’t know how many people (excluding GPF) could have formed opinions of how he actually flies outside of maybe seeing a few runs on stream or a few in game.

I just have huge concerns that people are pushing for this overpowered playstyle and it’s hugely unhealthy


Just to summarize:

Scenario Success Rate
3 Defenders 0 Flames, 100% of the time
2 Defenders 5 Flames, ~40% of the time
1 Defender 5 Flames, ~60% of the time
Undefended 5 Flames, 100% of the time

Is this what you’re advocating?


My statement was just a general statement on balance of whatever dragon, not necessarily just this season.

Your middle is a good visual representation but not the undefended and triple defended. 100% should never be the case unless it’s a low tier dragon attacking way above its weight-class or a dragon attacking way below its strength. But if I were to associate a general percentage with it; high 90s%… I had a much better description of my views of balance in another thread but this is a very general statement


I’d ask are you talking about single dragon runs or multi


But if history is any guide . . .


Ignore the relation to surt and other dragons as the “edit” in brackets is what I’m referring to as my opinion of dragons in relation to strength

But in general, yes a mythic dragon which is balanced should be able to 5 flame a triple defended base if flown by an exceptionally skilled flier


Of same level? Or a tier up? Or what’s your condition?


Thought this part was obvious but apparently further clarification is necessary. Yes same tier & same gear


You honestly never know on the forum mate. It’s always worth checking. Look back at the surt discussion and you can see how many people wanted a dragon that could hit tiers up defended


Don’t want to rehash but surt was described by PG specifically to be able to do so. Also mythics should hit Into the next legendary towers just not as effectively obviously but 1 defender should be doable at that level but not triple


Yea, those players are stupid to think pg will allow a dragon to hit tiers up against defended bases & win…

I don’t feel bad at all for “those” who got Surt the first week he was released, then to get nerf twice. Then they will say it’s not fair they spent all that money to get a mythic & I say to them no, you were fully aware how broken and unbalance he was in game. That’s the mean reason why so many ppl got him cause he was broken nothing more nothing less.

Lastly, they will say you can’t “change” him once advertised but they didn’t change him just his stats. They “changed” UVS “Rampage” with “Power Of well” that’s what you call a “Change”.


I agree, a mythic should hit “1” tier above his actual tier not 2 or 3.


I’m not talking about what was advertised. I’m talking about people being upset that dragons can’t hit tiers up. Surt is a dramatic example of this and being advertised as hitting tiers up… I’m sure my view on this is well known by now. But it was the people who were upset that dragons can’t hit up a tier or two. Look at most of the seasonal releases In the last few years. There is always people saying dragons can’t hit beyond their tier therefore underpowered.

I don’t know you myself. I have no idea where you land on this debate and what you consider exceptions so the previous question was fair


A lot of legendary dragons can also hit one tier over, Although i agree with the mythic hitting 1 tier over, I do think it should be able to hit 1 tier over regardless of defenders.