Spring Season Mythic’s..... Balance/Not?


Ohh they deserve sympathy. They bought something that got changed. It was wrong. It doesn’t make it any less necessary. But it is not their fault and they suffered for it.

As for mythics hitting a tier up. I STRONGLY disagree. By that logic ronin will have no counterplay until not just the next tier of towers but the set of towers after. A maxed mythic ronin will have the raw numbers advantage for months and months over the max possible towers. That breaks balance. That creates situations where defenders are at a substantial disadvantage due to simple stats and there is literally nothing they can do to counter that. A dragon should never be released when an appropriate tower level is not available.

Otherwise this is the surt situation with raw stats. Surts stats were so much higher than the towers there was no counterplay. If any other dragons stats are higher… well. We have been there before. So unless mythics are going to have garbage spells to balance their 1upness, it can’t really be allowed


Exactly my point :sunglasses: he’s a “Seasonal” mythic after all so many ppl spend money on to get.


I mean empyrean tier towers aren’t even out yet, so by that definition, all the empyrean tier dragons right now are op and break the balance of the game.

But if a mythic can only hit their tier, literally they would be worthless after like 2 months.


Going by my post I am sure you can tell my opinion of emperyean dragons being released without the towers. If they are only viable for that long so be it. It’s that or competition is pointless and people don’t bother defending against the surts of the future

That or they release tiers slower


I stand by what I said.

You can’t compare 10,000%(Surt the first week) to 1,200%(Ronin) & say that’s Balanced.

Anyways Ronin is not broken as Surt is that’s just what it is.


Mythics have always been designed to be viable into legendary of the next tier. As for Surt, I’m not talking about his initial release. He, specifically stated by PG, is designed to hit 1 full tier up post nerf. That was their intent with the dragon even after adjustments, unfortunately the mid game balance is screwy and he doesn’t gain that kinda strength until obsidian or harbinger


Pg been doing that for years, every time they release a new tier of dragons they are out first then the towers.


So why would anyone spend resources on a mythic then? might as well just follow the lineage.

We’ve had times when towers were stronger than dragons and when that happens it’s literal cancer. Dragons are useless and everyone starts using Hauheset and the forums are filled with people complaining


Once again. I’m sure you can tell my opinion of dragons hitting tiers up, regardless of status or advertisement or anything else, from my post.

This is not a reflection on kits. It is simple numbers. I do not believe ronin has an overpowered kit but, as of right now, his stats are higher than maxed towers

ANY dragon that can hit a tier up at end game is factually stronger than the towers it faces. Therefore defenders are outmatched. It is unbalanced by its very nature as the towers simply do not exist. This is all I am going to say on the matter.


IMO, at the same level progress,

Mythic = Legendary + slight buff + acceptable extra potential (easier flight, higher damage potential, etc).


Mythics don’t hit a full tier up typically but since the inception of mythics they’ve always been hitting into the next tier and hasn’t affected balance. Only drag that has done it was the initial surt potentially. Although I never saw any videos of him hitting a tier up, honestly he dies pretty quick still and I don’t see where all the complaints came from besides him being a bit boring to fly. And you can ignore pgs intent all you want but it is their game. And if they want to release a super special dragon every once and a while it’s not going to break the game. Sure if it’s true an obsidian dragon was hitting the best vanguard base out there, then that’s a problem but I highly doubt that happened as he just dies so quickly against equal shielded 52s at emerald let alone one more tier against vanguard. But that’s besides the point, I agree every mythic shouldn’t be hitting a full tier up unless they are designed to be special. But all mythics should hit into legendary of the next tier

Lol yes ronins stats are higher of course, he’s a full tier up on towers what else do you expect? Sure they could lock his empyrean stone until towers are released but I think that would defeat the purpose of pg letting people have a little fun with the drag, it’s also financially better for them as people feel better about the drag right now as most people don’t really look too far into the future.


Not quite agree with this, if we’re talking about “glass cannon” dragon


I bringeth Neptus back from the dead.


I’m talking from a raw numbers perspective. I’m talking about dragons that are designed for to work and compete with a specific tier.

My issue is with dragons designed to compete with towers that do not exist and are essentially hitting a tier down. It’s more of a numbers thing that anything else. It’s the same as if towers were designed for a tier of dragons not yet released. Less game breaking As flights are more common that defence but it is similar.

Of course exceptions (set up dragons etc) blur this but anything that requires huge investments of skill (hau) deserve this due to the fact that they cannot solo completely and allow lower level players to be relevant, without allowing them to instantly win with no teamplay or skill


You also got to keep in mind it’s the “gear” that makes mythic dragons go into the next tier not the actual dragons majority of the time.


No. It’s not. That is factually wrong. If gear was the cause every dragon would be a higher tier. Look at the season tab in the events screen. The numbers are different without any gear.

Edit in fact


Yes it is.


Raw number perspective, should be around the same tier.


That is my point in it’s entirety


Please check the previous post for an image that shows the difference