Spring Season Mythic’s..... Balance/Not?


My pathox is in Harbinger tier atm until Fort comes around then I’ll be able to evolve him into vanguard tier. An he can kill lv 75 towers.


I won’t argue this with you. I have made my point. We have our stances and it doesn’t look like either will budge, though I am surprised that you who “championed” balance are happy with dragons having higher raw stats factually than the available towers.

Please do check the raw numbers on mythics before declaring gear the cause of this as well as the numbers are there.

But I’ve made my arguments and I will back out of this thread now


Still, if tier is separated by Legendary and Mythic too (which I believe is applicable at endgame) , they should hit different “tier”.

Like Mythic n-th tier is exactly between Legendary n-th tier and Legendary (n+1)th tier.


So what was your point in the beginning then?
Just to make a point?
Ok …




No, it was just a waste of my time to be quite honest.


His point was something along the lines of

“a mythic should be just as strong as your standard legendary divine, and that no dragon should be able to attack stronger than towers of their level.”

which is probably advice PG is probably going to take 0% of the time…


Ok. I’m sorry but I’m not going to let you change my entire point into something completely different. This was completely not what I said in any way shape or form. It wasn’t even remotely close.

My entire point is dragons should not be released and able to hit a tier up. Mythic and legendaries ARE NOT THE SAME TIER. Therefore they will NOT be designed to hit the same tier. At no point did I mention legendaries and mythics being the same.

Please do not twist what I say like that. If you want to give people an idea of what my point was, please quote me directly as this was so wildly off the mark and against anything I think.


Like I just told you when you private message me, make a topic about it…

“If Mythic should or shouldn’t hit a tier above there own tier”

This topic is about this season mythic’ Being balanced, so player can state there point of view on “if” there balance or not or anything related to Ronin or Zenko.


You literally just said

after I said

You DIDN’t answer my question

then you said

And then you post a picture of a mythic dragon that has higher stats than a legendary dragon of the season, something that has been going on since mythics were first released (Mythics always have higher stats than legendary dragons, hau at level 30 has higher stats than gorgonus at level 30)

So if you want mythic dragons to have the same stats as legendary dragons, and you dont think ANY dragon should hit higher than their own tier, what the duck is the point of a mythic dragon? Might as well delete them from the game???


That’s not a question for me to answer. Mythics are their own tier now. How they make it so they don’t skew the balance isn’t for me it’s say. If it’s worth it also Isn’t for me to say. How they maintain mythic worthiness is also not for me to say. Hence why I didn’t answer.

Hell for all I care have the “mythic stats and levels” locked until appropriate towers turn up like they do with the emperyean stones. But the extra part shouldn’t be released until appropriate towers are available for balance reasons. All I am saying is having ANY imbalance in available raw stats between towers and dragons is not healthy or balanced.

I’m not proposing a solution. I am simply saying this is not balanced and, as the thread is titled are the mythics balanced, thought this was relevant as they are mythics, and have stats relevant to towers not yet in existence. As such, at this moment they are likely not balanced at max level RIGHT NOW. They do appear to be balanced on a tier by tier basis.

This is all what i said previously and would like to check out of this thread now. I hope this clarifies my position and we can now move on.


My bad Lutrus -///-


I’ve been reading this post for long enough so I wanted to join in. My questions are this. I’ve saved for several seasons to get a mythic and right not I have 4000 bronze chests, 310 gold chest and 108K rubies. I also farm between 500-700 bronze chests each event and I do quests so what do you think my chances are? My next question is if he’s worth it (I want Ronin) or should I not bother?


League and average last achieved prize affects it.


Definitely can get a mythic - finish the discount this week by opening your gold chests.

Ronin looks good but I haven’t flown him yet - but hes getting great reviews from GPF so if you’re a decent hunter flyer I’m sure he’ll be good for you.


I’m not a bad at flying hunters, but I’m definitely not an expert. I’m in a platinum 3 team, I’m level 86 and as far as prizes go I don’t know my average, but I intend to get the 450 sigil prize in events. I know at my level I won’t be able to get that every event, but I hope those bronze chests will compensate for that lol


He should do great for you for a while. Emerald is where things get funky and by then you’ll have a shiny new dragon and maybe they’ll fix the balance around there. You can definitely get him, just be active every event and shoot for 450 sigil each event


I’m always active and if a mythic is on the line I’ll never leave the game! I would just hate to use everything I saved and not be able to get him…Or that he’s a subpar mythic. I don’t need nor want an overpowered dragon, but I also don’t want an underpowered one lol


Put it this way, I had 250k rubies at the end of last season with roughly 21k sigil and I was able to claim surt starting at zero prizes claimed for the rider or jarl. I did use a handful of gold chests but not many over 100. It’s about 125k rubies per full dragon or rider now. You should get about 25k sigil at the end if you claim the discount dragon in the first two weeks. That puts you at needing 145k rubies at the end of the season for claiming the rest of the other two dragons. Add another 15k rubies if you get the first egg token boost


By getting the 450 sigils in events I should be able to get around 150 rubies before the season ends. Do you think all of my chests would be able to let me get the discounted dragon or would I need more? I’ve done the math and from what I know I should easily be able to get the mythic, but I want to make sure I’m doing it right lol