Spring Season Mythic’s..... Balance/Not?


I’m not familiar with the math for gold and bronze chests but I would think that you could, but someone else will have a better answer in relation to the discount.

What you can do to be safe is, get as far as you can on the discount, if not all of it and just save your sigil and rubies till the end of the season and make your decision then. That way you won’t have any chance to waste rubies.

Also 25k sigil gain is relatively conservative. I’m not as active as you and don’t do quests and our team never gets the 1k team sigil prize and I accrued 21k sigil while nearly missing a couple events. So do the real math that you know you’ll get and make a decision from there.


I’ll play it smart and not blow it all. Thank you for all your help!


4k bronze chests is around 4k sigils, 310 gold chests is about 31*200 or 6200 sigils, so that’s 10200 sigils right there. don’t forget that Haku has gold chests on his own branch too, and if you already got to the 450 prize last event and get to the 450 prize this event and do a daily team quest every day you 100% get the discount dragon.


Really try and get that every event. It’s the same as opening like 330 bronze chests. With your current savings, and if you reach that prize tier every event, you should be able to get a mythic by the end of the season. Consider opening golds to compensate low PvP supplies/clocks/maybe embers. Also consider using rubies to farm egg tokens if you’re short on those. Save enough for super sigils at the end, of course.

Edit: Also, finish the discount during the discount weeks. Use rubies on golds if necessary. It’s basically required if you’re an E2P nub like me.


When I asked last season, I was told that before, 300 gold chests and 1k bronze chests generally get the discount straight up if you do well in events. It’s a bit more sigils now but since you have 4k bronze chests the discount’ll be incredibly easy for you


Sounds like a plan then! I know I can use the gold chests from haku and I will if I have to, but it would be nice to save some too lol. I’ll be sure to get the discounted dragon before it ends! Thank you everyone


For whatever it’s worth 3800 bronze got me 5k sigils tonight


Damn that’s good :ok_hand:


I really interested in Kaiji.
The idea of ​​summoning the dragon before turning the corner and stopping the SS, freezing the towers with “Snowblind”, re-summon the dragon and absord with Arcane It really excites my interest.
Also because I really want to use my Mythic Sorcerer Atk Runes and Glyphs :slight_smile: Fortunately this Sorcerer don’t need rage runes.
Just need to know if Kaiji can beat a soft hammers spam…


With his white death gaze (Foxfire Bolt, 1 rage and 4s cooldown… like death stare from Sylphen) I think he can, yes.


emh,I believe you are confusing with Zenko; I was talking about Kaiji the Legendary Sorcerer :slight_smile:


yes, I did :man_facepalming:t2:

Maybe because this thread is about mythic dragons :sweat_smile:

Edit: @xRomanoX better now?


you said well, maybe……


No i meant, scroll up, few talk about the mythics….so this thread Maybe talks about the mythics


Hard to say really :man_shrugging:t2: He’s strong that’s for sure, I might say “yes” but that’s my opinion.

I already got him but I only got 3 of his stones atm, until I get vanguard stone & I fly him myself I can’t say much “yet”


Make a clip pls :slight_smile: @GoldFangSniper


Here’s a video of him against a max out bases( Unfortunately there’s no defenders but everyone get an idea how to fly him)


I wish :joy: mine is still at Gold tier atm :sweat_smile:(Waiting for Feeding to lv him up)


He can wipe out 5 towers in one shot(2.15)

Seem that it not balance
Its like Ranarok in whit spell and can entrap 3 towers behind 5 towers in middle island



It takes a specific setup and an exact spot to be able to do that. Else it’s just the front 3.