Spring Season Preview

We should get the preview this week, right? Since it starts next week. I have only been with the game since the Fall ended and Winter started, so my only experience is they first show us dragon arts and concepts, and then, few days before actual Season release, they give us spells preview.

Unless it is not something they always do?


Probably not until next monday or tuesday

Really? Only 1 or 2 days heads-up before season actually starts? :confused:

You’ll have 3 months of the spring season so no need to rush. Patience grasshopper :rofl:


Some of us don’t have 3 event drags so the sooner we know which is best the sooner we hugely improve our attack power.

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That may be true but you don’t have to decide on day 1 of the next season

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No one says about deciding, I’m pretty sure its all about curiosity. To be honest, winter dragons design wasn’t… even winter themed or anything, they went for roman gladiator theme with Avyx, Gladicus, Leos, not sure why Equestor didnt fit into it, though.

Would really love to see the designs. I also had a little hope they would do ‘revamp’ of old lineage dragons, as they did with summer. Kinnarus, Zamrok, Drakius. There are plenty dragons that could become seasonal divines this way.

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You will know in about 3 months which is best.
Look at the wintertide season and the date when they released the last dragon, Kirin.

Just hoard sigils, get the token bonus and grind tokens until everything is released. Then towards the end of the season you can make an educated decision.*

*unless they release a discounted dragon like Necryx, but that only happens once a leap year :wink:

Oh please no. One „Retro“ season is enough.

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About token bonus, how many gold chest are approximately needed to be opened on the 1st day to get token boost as soon as its available?

If you’re talking about Day 1 without playing the event, around 150 gold chests should do (3150 / 210 sigils per 10 gold chests).
However, the first event prizes will already give you a few hundred sigils and maybe you want to wait until the first event is over and you get your team prize.
But that entirely depends on your league, team performance and personal performance.

Gold chests have around 200 sigils per 10, so about 160 to get it straight away. Or about 100 if you get about 1200 sigils from the event first. Assuming it’s still 3150 sigils this season of course.

Great, thanks. Looking forward to it. Dont have 160 gold chests saved but maybe I can get enough points if we get PvP event first.

Equestor was probably one of the chariot “horses” that they used in the games.


Equestor didn’t fit in? Horses pull chariots, if anything he fit pretty well.

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