Spring Secondary Effects?

Just curious. Has anyone collected all the tunes for discount hunter? If so, what are the secondary effects?

Thx in advance. :heartpulse:

It’s in one of the descriptions of the dragons/spells. I’m not fancy enough to know how to link to it tho. Sorry

There are none except for the mythic rune, which lowers cool down

I call it bullshit only mythic and that’s cool down form what I have seen

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Tunes? You mean the dragons have their own theme songs!? :metal:


I hear the final one is Darude - Sandstorm…


Nah, pretty sure that was necryx one :joy::joy:

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Does anyone know if the havok or healing mark runes will work with Aibrean’s skills?

No, he does not have either of those spells.


Does that really say +1.00s on the cooldown?

Was kinda hoping for -1.00s instead :rofl:


Lmao :joy:

That would honestly tickle me if that was the case haha!

Adding duration to the cooldown on the mythic glyph is kinda like a slap and a hug :disappointed:

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That’s not actually how it works. It’ll reduce the cd and increases healing. It just reads funny

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Underrated joke

I have been conserving sigils would like feed back on which dragon ppl think is better the hunter or warrior

Yeah cool down I still say bullshit only rune with secondary spell And not that good tho

The last couple seasons the secondary spell had nothing to do with the dragon and people complained so I’m assuming it was removed so people couldn’t complain anymore.

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