Spring sigils where is pg?

Guys my sigils is gone, I had 600 sigils and I was collecting the prizes it gave sync erorr then they are gone ?

Can you collect the rewards again?

If not, have you tried hard quitting the game and relaunching it?

Yes I did , everything working, but no sigils

Hmm, was it from chests or from event prizes? Also, have you submitted a ticket? It may take a while for support to get back to you. I’m sure they are getting swamped with the new season just starting…

From both of them event prizes and chests and I didn’t create a ticket!

Try the ticket :blush: And good luck. :+1:t3:

Thank you

getting sigils both from event and chest and then suddenly spending it may cause sync error which reverts back any progress that you did.

There is an excessive lag going on right now. I had try to collect the prizes for a couple of times even after game resetting. Gonna try it again maybe later or tomorrow.

Usually there is a lot of lag right at the beginning of the season and an event.


That sync error is so easy to avoid! When mass-collecting the branch prizes, once you tap the sigil price, wait until the CLAIMED word appears. If it doesn’t after the wheel stopped spinning, quit the event screen, and pick up where you left off.

If you don’t quit, but reclaim the prize, it will cause the sync error.


I tried but nothing happen

@xDerSchattenX, if you have not already, please submit a ticket to our support team. It helps us track those being affected by similar issues.

I’m in the same boat but to the tune of over 2000 sigils lost, all from 114 gold chests I’ve been savings. I still have all the other items from the chests but sigils are GONE. Ticket open hoping for good news.

I got it worse, opened 30 golds, got heaps of sigils, claimed haku, server interrupted, i logged back on and haku was gone! Sigils were 0 and my gold chests were missing 30. Tried to open ticket but couldnt even press the help button in game because it hangs up. :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

If in game support won’t work, copy your support ID and then log the support ticket via this site:


I agree with this;

But this time it’s more than usual.

Done this, but it still shows I haven’t claimed the prizes even if I did:

Edit: that’s why i will be claiming my event prize later or tomorrow and will (maybe) open the discount dragon at the end of event

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I have the exact same issue. All my sigils disappeared after collecting 1 prize. I have submitted a ticket. First response was them trying to tell me I actually didn’t have the sigils. Incredibly irritated that they have the ability to look back to check a claim but they want to try and sell me that kind of “support?”. Completely absurd and frustrated having to fight with PG support.

For people in this thread, did this occur after you opened chests and then claimed prizes? Did anyone have a similar issue happen without opening any chests involved?

I received automated reply from customer service says it’s know issue. Hopefully there is a thread for people to know update for this issue