Springblossom Festive Dragon Official Discussion Thread


Please discuss and ask questions about the Springblossom Festive Dragon, Sakura:

Celebrate Spring with the Blossom Drake, Sakura!

Stunning. :+1:

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Mythic Rage Rune
Legendary Rune of Blossoms Or Legendary Rage
Mythic Glyph of Blossoms
Mythic Spring’s Renewal Glyph
Legendary Rage Glyph

:smiley: Strong Hunter

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@Arelyna wasn’t there something about increasing the stuff in Sakura’s branch ?

I don’t see anything of that kind in the official post :thinking:

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Yes, coming up! Should have it updated in a few minutes. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Updated!

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Ah thank you :grin:

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Thank u very much. Peace and great job

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Visually stunning dragon. Amazing spell set. Utterly useless in atlas.
Give us the ability to place spell marks on monuments


sigh, Every time I go for a mythic there’s a good legendary hunter not included that I want. Mean while, Haku shall sit in my den collecting dust, never to be used except for farming gold and during TR

Can I trade in my Haku, Bjorn, Aibrean, Nollaig and Coatl for just Sakura and her stones and runes/glyph? /s

Edit: Also I’d like to request an extra free rider for Sakura that gives no bonuses


Forgive me if I missed another announcement… I thought Chaos gave 200% bonus damage… so why 95 here? I thought they would change the spell name if they changed the stats

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Spell scaling announcement?


…yes, totally stealing Morreion’s answer for that.


It’s 95% of max attack.
It used to be 200% of base attack
95% is with spell scaling

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200% of base HP = 95% of modified HP of dragon which includes HP boost from all sources.

Query to GPF members - Can we recycle AR during scatter cloak duration without uncloaking the dragon? I guess NO but need confirmation


Using spells uncloaks the dragon (which might be a good thing :eyes:)


Ok thanks

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The post doesn’t specify the CD on scatter if you let it run full duration. However, it says 3 seconds damage boost afterwards, is it safe to assume that’s how long the CD will be as well ?


@Arelyna can you confirm it is a rune (not glyph?) and that all three runes in Sakura’s branch cannot all be equipped to Sakura at the same time?

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“Uncloaking before the 1.5 second duration means the Dragon will lose out on the increased attack damage afterwards, but Scatter can be recast immediately to cloak and recover Hunter ammo.”

I don’t think there is one… if I read the post correctly. Edit: Unless there is only a CD for waiting the full duration… :thinking:

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Not quite sure. Haven’t used any of it’s type before :man_shrugging: