Springblossom season lines spreadsheet

For those who (like myself) like to have the season lines in spreadsheet form to plan around with, I’ve made this Google sheet:

I’ll keep it updated during the season as more lines come out.

(edit) also made a sheet for the Atlas season badge lines:


Any chance of making a prize/sigil comparison now that the lines don’t increase both for the whole thing? I mean I can do it myself but I’m lazy :eyes::see_no_evil:

I’m looking into it, and on some items there’s quite a bit of variation, but I’m not sure how to actually present the information in a useful way to compare.

I was thinking pick lowest/highest cost/value/quantity for each item and set that as having a value of 1 then comparing other prizes of same type to that. But that could be confusing. Or just go with plain prize quantity per sigil which would be straightforward but not pretty

It’s still pretty hard to compare across the different lines for a specific item with that. I’m also not sure how you intend to use it, it’s not as if you can pick and choose from a line after all.

Thanks for this @Morreion :beers:

I can’t really think of a way to make the numbers look nice :woman_shrugging:t2:
Basically I want to know how value changes as you progress through a line and any differences in value of a particular item between lines if any. Previously you really wanted to finish a line because the best value was at the end but idk if that’s true anymore. A lot of it is just curiosity tbh :sweat_smile:

Added a column. Most of the numbers seem relatively constant within a line, but can differ a lot between lines. Some gold chests are 26 sigils (rider), others are 50 (token boost). Some mystic fragments are 12.5 sigils (token boost), others are over 40 sigils (dragon).

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Added the base boost as a tab


Added a sheet with Atlas badge lines as well, for those interested. The link is in the top post.


Also added Sakura


Cell C53 in Base Boost tab should show 1,230 black pearls

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Indeed it should, thanks!

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