Springblossom Season Start Official Discussion Thread


Discuss your thoughts on the new Springblossom Season here!

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Springblossom Stream Preview Notes
The Springblossom Season Sweeps the Land of Dragons

Really excited for this season, with all the new changes that show PG are committed to moving in the right direction with their player base. The dragons are fresh with their unique spellsets and the season structure itself is going to be interesting to experience. Great job, PG.


https://youtu.be/vwNbhNmHro0 cool Ronin vid!
Edit: I must say Kagney’s commentary is cool af yo! :metal:


I was until I seen the prize payouts, and surprise surprise… not what chocolate said they’d be😢


I must put my hand down this time !
All the changes looks super great like the runes + glyphs have seconday effects now the rider branches have been buffed like crazy !
Really like Ronnin so bad that i can’t event get thet close to him :persevere:


Prize buff for the legendary dragons is waste.


Hunters with powerful AoE, sorcerers with cloak…

The typical playstyles are being revolutionized. Sounds like a nod to Equestor feedback with a directly choosable “wildcard” spell ability, with much more planability. And Ronin completely redefines hunter flying…

This season has so much promise I can’t wait to start. Though honestly the leg sorcerer looks like MUCH more fun than that warrior, hard to decide if I should go for that discount or if I can pull off a mythic without it…


Agree on that one, the riders buff is way better :heart_eyes:


You seem to forget that PG wasn’t required to buff anything at all. :man_shrugging: Seems to me that you are looking a gift horse in the mouth. I suppose you can skip this season if you would rather not experience any buff at all.


Sooooo pumped for this season to start. Saitos stats are amazing and so is ronin who he is going to be paired with when I get both. Just wish I could get mythic without discount but oh well another warrior to replace cav.


This Season and the changes to the game and season content will heavily impact my decission how to proceed. The last two weeks made some changes to the right direction, like changing seasonal rewards in legendary and rider line rewards.

Hopefully a Season for the better!



  • gives an extra Evo stone
  • reduces legendary prize cost
  • gives more prizes

We will revolt if you don’t give more

  • Very happy to see legendary runes get secondary abilities again
  • 600k crafting shards instead of garbage gear makes me happy though it will be less since you need at least 2 elements. Still much better than before
  • 10k crafting scrolls… eww. Would really like to have seen this as a “pick one” option where we could have picked either crafting scrolls, black pearls or more crafting shards.

  • disappointed that the prizes increase in the dragon lines are not as much as we were told. 1 additional gold chest in the line… lame

  • I still think it is ridiculous that the festive wont count towards a mythic. If it’s full price then you should get a key. We were told mutliple times this season that festives arent necessarily meant to be strong, competitive dragons yet for some reason they’re still a full priced dragon line. They either need to be added into the mythic requirement options or the cost should be reduced if they’re meant to be for casual flying

Overall though I do like this structure and am more excited for this season than I was for Winter


The layout of the in-game season structure image previewed makes it look as if the 3 on release are required for Ronin, while week 5 is required for Zenko. :thinking:


« We’ve adjusted the prizes in the Legendary Dragon Lines (not including the Festive Dragon) to provide a larger quantity of useful items »
Quite exaggerated here :expressionless:


so my guess is correct on Ronin that it increases size for every use (from single target to large aoe)

Guess, it really beats Surt.

It can heal itself and while ammo is regenerating, it can use way of the blade to do some aoe damage and since it’s a white spell, there’s no worry in being blocked.


They include a hefty increase in prize quantities, found in the tables below. This what they mentioned in the post. That’s why i have mentioned only legendary dragon lines.


Hefty is a subjective term. I agree that the increases are not hefty in any way, but they are something. It doesn’t hurt to give kudos where it is due. They are heading in the right direction.


See, I am not saying anything against PG. But how they mentioned about the prize buff and we get this?


They did buff the lines, just not to your expectations. There are more elemental shards and mystic fragments now, as well as an incredible increase of gold chests by one. :joy: Still, it was a buff.