Springblossom Season Start Official Discussion Thread


Yes but that’s normally because one of their base spells is mirrored from or very similar to the equipable spell

For example Neptus can’t equip cloak and sylphen can’t equip death gaze, and spindra can’t equip invincibility

Edit: I dunno why it seems surt can equip any spell lol. I just thought of a great game for him…Beerus the God of Destruction lol


Well done PG, really excited for the new season and can’t wait for it to start :heart_eyes: only few hours, yay :grin:


I’m not sure if that was a sarcasm, but the way you sounded is so positive.

Deserves another :heartbeat: after Crisis’s.


She can actually :wink:


She can. She already has one shield. Why not a second as backup?


Zenko’s tail looks kinda clunky in the spotlight vid. Hooray for animation reuse, but if he enters my den I’ll have to keep him well away from a hungry Chunko. :chunk:

Really like the visuals of the others so far. Can’t wait to see longer vids!


Bloody autocorrect :sweat_smile:


I thought chunk only chunks on :evergreen_tree:


Careful how you talk about my babygirl cant do something, im sensitive when it comes to my baby.

Perhaps instead your third example could be, “Aibrean cant equip Havoc” or “cav cant equip battlecry” or “Nightshade cant equip reverse projectile”… just not about my baby spindra please <3


You were saying?


To bring it back on topic, since he doesn’t have a cloak or cloak derivative, ronin can logically equip cloak.


I understand that everyone here is thinking of taking Ronin (me included) and that therefore no one wants it to be touched, but if a dragon is Op, it is Op and consequently that part of the Kit that makes it Op must be rebalanced. For now, I still think that a Tidal Surge with large area effect is Op
Point, there is little to discuss


I bet you that in less than 3 days we have a post from a youtuber who can’t fly worth sh!t who is telling people never to get Ronin because he dies easily and there is no way to avoid stun/damage by white cloaking out of the way.


Well great now im not…


Doesn’t even have to be a white cloak, if it is a cloak-type. :unamused:

Not taking ronin just because it’s without cloak. :no_good_man:t2:


You must be very famous youtuber indeed. Show us dem skillz


Can you spell that, cheerleader style? Give me an:


Not even a good flyer to show you dem skillz.

Just a mediocre one. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

And the only youtube channel I run is for a different game and personal records. :wink:


Ronin is a good dragon. What did Red say? Oh yeah, she’s said this:


Well I’m getting ronin regardless what people say , most opinions aren’t worth that much unless they have extensive time with the dragon.
I find use in most season dragons, sure the may not be top tier first chose for war runs , but there is alot of fun going against defended bases with tricky dragons.