Springblossom Season Start Official Discussion Thread


According to Chocolate, it is not additive. The 95% decrease will apply to your Dragon first, and then the Rider heal time will be reduced based on that decreased number.

For example: Let’s say it takes 100 minutes for your Dragon to heal. The Seasons Buff will bring this down to 5 minutes (-95%). Then, Kevana’s heal time reduction will be factored at 15% of those 5 minutes (0.15 x 5), bringing it down to 4 minutes and 15 seconds.


I can agree with that. Plus, the season hasn’t even started yet so people should stop complaining about a mythic that hasn’t even been released yet


I thought u said shitty youtuber my bad


Speaking about the Springblossom season, anyone planning on drawing any of the dragons? I’m thinking about drawing Haku, Ronin, and Zenko


Do you have any artistic abilities for sale or perhaps laying around that i could hold on to for indefinitely?

Go for it.


What are you waiting for?

Start drawing, less typing!


Where are all the good ones? I wanna subscribe 2 times.

Dont answer or youll be off topic

Damn u did it anywsy


IDK, maybe good ones are just a myth as people make mistakes and called bad for that. :wink:

-Or vice versa, people sometimes perform much better than usual and called good for that. :smirk:


The Season is officially live!


Ah, guess I was thinking about a different dragon lol I don’t have my iPad with me so can’t double check but maybe it was cav or another sorcerer lol


You could of pulled off the biggest fake Event Live ever… shame. : P

Edit… nvm wrong thread… thanks tho! Lol ur awesome


Weakening glyph? Seriously?


I know right :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Ballista is so op now :scream: Nerf the glyph please


What does the weakening glyph do?


it basically make ballista twice as strong as a dark flak


Is this something new??? I thought portraits were free :sob::sob::sob:


I didn’t even know it was starting today :monkey:


I’m so gonna use that gif everywhere.


In order to keep the costs of the branch where they currently are, we had to make portraits cost some sigils. If they continued to be free, then other prizes in the branch would have been more expensive. The math ended up working out this way.

Portraits cost sigils now, really?