Springblossom Season Start Official Discussion Thread


Why couldn’t more prizes be added instead? I liked the thought of free stuff :disappointed:


Why yall keep breaking my heart?
Poison still doesnt damage much less could i believe dragon has increased damage taken for weakening or less attack for enervating. Got that research for them both for nothin i bet…


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You just feel like a silly monkey sometimes


I might… I might also give Zenko more tails than he actually has :laughing: but I’m working on a different dragon project right now so I’ll have to get to it later :eyes:


I’ll try harder to make you feel that all the time. :smirk:


what happened to Lusian and the other mythics?




Could we request a modification to more tails for Zenko, somewhat like how Gunnar’s wings were enlarged during Winterjol?


You could try… not sure it’ll happen.


So… Fire Turrets and Ice Turrets are gone now?
We’re switching to just all flak all the time?


Adding more tails would be too complex for a simple change, like increasing Gunnar’s wing size.

We know the kitsune myth resonates with a lot of people - some of Zenko’s early designs featured multiple tails, even. However, when basing dragons on real-world myths, we always try to change enough so that they aren’t exact carbon copies of the legends. Great example - Jormungandr is never depicted with wings (that I’m aware of), but we felt the silhouette of it having wings just worked better for our version of Jormungandr, and matched the style of our game’s other dragons more seamlessly.

Ultimately, we decided to go with a big fluffy tanuki-style tail for a few reasons:

  • Adding 2+ tails would increase development time.
  • 2+ tails may accidentally block vision more than intended during gameplay (a lot of depictions of the kitsune feature a huge fan of tails).
  • We felt adding a single bushy tail allowed us to still achieve our goal of making a “cute but ferocious” dragon, which is what was most important for Zenko.

So, in the end, we loosely based Zenko on the kitsune myth, but gave him some other mammal elements as well, so we weren’t too “on the nose” or similar to the real legend.

If we ever do an “evolved” or “super” version of Zenko (who knows - sometimes we do “off-breed” dragons, like Tarand and Sage), we’ll try our best to incorporate multiple tails.

Thank you for the feedback!


Will there be another dragon like Zenko or Zotz that won’t be a mythic in the future?


Don’t think we have any soothsayers, prophets, or seers in the house :wink:


I’m just asking if there might be a chance. Can’t a person hope?


They said they lowered the cost really then why is it the first row half off is 100 sigs when it was 50 last season ? O wait I know why because pg raised it to 200 sigs the first row which is bs the warrior dragon is half off yet I’m Paying basically full price like last season its like it’s not even half off and there’s 3 pages how is it less sigs this season


How do you like the season so far, along with all the new features and modifications?

  • It’s amazing, well done PG!
  • It’s mediocre
  • It’s okay
  • It’s horrible
  • No comment

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Did u add it up


I put amazing… can i get something free now? 200 more sigils should suffice


There are more prizes spread out on more pages so they don’t randomly jump up in price from like 950 sigils to 1900 in the final row. It’s a smoother progression of cost. Either way, it adds up to 30k total for the branch (before the discount).