Springblossom Season Start Official Discussion Thread


I bet you didn’t check the prices on the secord or the third page, and therefore have no clue what you’re really complaining about.


:frowning_face: Razer’s mouse with a shitty sensor just picked mediocre one when I tried to click on well done. :man_facepalming:t2: Owells.

edit: the one that goes jumpy when you lift the mouse. :disappointed:


I checked I seen 400 for obsidian stone big deal last season half off hunter right 50 first row second row 75 this season 100 first row 125 second so In order for you to get to the second page to see that you would either have to spend money or you had crazy eggs saved up so I know what I’m complaining about




and the obsidian stone itself cost 1900 sigils. So you are very mistaken if you keep comparing the previous season with the current one. The layout changed, the prices and prizes alike, so it is not the same, and you can’t expect the same.


There are two events to get the discount dragon in… hopefully next event will be PVP so we can open saved gold chests for PVP items.


Furthermore where was the dragon placed last season? Bet it wasn’t end of the first row. Add up how many sigils to get to the dragon now vs then. For each orb.

Do it. I dare you


Your right I didn’t look at it that way


Some peculiar things in the new lines though. Why is the emerald line cheaper than the platinum one? Why is the 3.5m dust drop the first and the 900k dust drop the last?




I like this :+1:t3:


They matched the orb prices along the way to previous seasons so you get them for the same sigil amount.

They then scaled prizes on that same bell curve


PG did a great job BALANCING the prize costs. While I may have to pay 100 sigils for a portrait I’m also thrilled it’ll only cost me 100 sigils for the final stone. Total cost may be equivalent but new design gives a better perception of progression through prizes. F2P and E2P players should now be able to claim several prizes each event even towards the end of the line as opposed to just one prize. HUGE improvement!!!


We don’t know those are intended, so let’s just hush about it for a little longer until we all claim rewards.



Not so happy about black pearls not being in the branch . I’m assuming the only way to get these now are through gold chests? And crafting scrolls are in rider branch just everything I’m not wanting :joy: oi




comparing a “classic” line from Winterjol and Springblossom



Anyway, if people do have problems with that, save your claims for hours after the event start, such as now, and you’ll be less likely to get claims/opens rolled back :stuck_out_tongue:


Soooo… anyone peeped into the breeding castle and saw those Empyrean Mythic dragons? Anything to share with the ones who couldn’t see anything?:innocent::grin:


That makes sense, so it was always a mess but now that the structure is much cleaner you can actually see it. Doesn’t really hurt anything just thought it peculiar.