Springblossom Season Start Official Discussion Thread


Is it just me or Legendaries have 81 gold chests in total instead of 100?
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I have to say that overall it seems the changes PG has made seem to be positive, though I also have to say I’m not excited about them for myself.

I am someone who can’t afford to spend, but enjoy working all season to earn as many sigils as I can in hopes of getting a new event dragon AND a maxed rider. The extra prizes along the paths of getting those are nice, but not my primary focus. Unfortunately, these new changes will cost me more than the old structure.

Previously, I could get the dragon I chose to Obsidian stone, which included all the special runes for that dragon, for 24,800 sigils. I would also get a maxed rider for 6,200 sigils. That’s an overall total of 31,000 sigils. Now, I can get my dragon to Obsidian stone for 24,500 sigils, but that doesn’t include the last rune anymore. To get the last rune too, my total goes up to 26,600 sigils. That 2,100 sigil increase will cost me 10k rubies in sigil chests. Then, a maxed rider now costs 30k sigils. That overall total is a huge increase for me. Like almost double, lol!

Again, I realize the branches as a whole cost less, that people going for Mythics are getting a free dragon, and that prizes within branches are better; but for me personally, and if there are others like me, I feel like we’re losing out a bit. Now I will have to pick between dragon or rider instead of getting both, and pay more for all runes if I pick dragon. I’m sure this post makes me look selfish, but I just wanted to point out that eventhough this is a good change, not everyone is going to win. Oh well, such is life :woman_shrugging:t2:


Actually even this isn’t true. If you got both mythics last season and got the entire discount dragon line during the discount period you spent 153,500 sigils. To do the same thing this season would cost 165,000 sigils. That’s a 7.5% increase. Even if you only get one mythic it costs 4% more (75,000 rather than 72,000). It seems like the added prizes more than make up for this, but we won’t know what the other three key lines hold for a few more weeks.

That being said, I do like the new structure a lot, since it gives people a lot more flexibility if they are going for a mythic.


Getting a mythic is a bit more, but the legendary dragon branches do have a decreased cost. Last season they were 31k and this season they are 30k. But the rider lines increased in cost from 25k to 30k.


Oh yeah, that’s true.


Just want to add a little something…
If you get discount dragon + rider + rider
(prizes in base boost are unknown)

You’d get +101 gold chests over last season which gives ~2,080 sigils (+/- a little depending on when you open ofc)

So you’d be at 75,000 - 2,080 = 72,920 vs 72,000

72928/72000 = 1.28% increase



For UVS 4% more, it cost 81.000 if you only got Surt. But yeah, it’s cheaper for some situations (only getting one or two legendary dragons, getting the second mythic, getting all dragons and riders) but more expensive for other situations (getting a rider, getting only the cheapest mythic, getting both mythics but not caring about riders).

I do think with the extra goodies in the prize lines (and no price hike for Empyrion) it’s still an overal improvement for pretty much any situation.


Yeah, I agree with that. The fact that you can get either mythic with the discount dragon is alone enough to make these changes pretty great IMO.


By the way, I’ve just went through all the prizes (I do an Excel spreadsheet to track my progress on the season) and I’ve found the distrutuon very good. In my understanding it will benefit a lot the people that can’t finish a line or multiple lines: the lower levels, while maintaining the totals at a good amount for who can finish multiple lines. The outlier is the rider, it goes up only
Bottom line: GREAT change


Exactly. The prizes used to be quite end-loaded in the season, they are far more fair and accurate scaled on % of sigils spent vs previous. They are also evenly spaced, as well as predictable, and you get at least all of the items between orbs so you can gain a % of the prizes for the same % spent. You don’t get screwed if you are in an awkward point of the line.

While that said above, it doesn’t negatively effect people getting the full branches either.

A big win for those people going part of the way through branches (while i understand the frustration of rider branches specifically not being separated as the one-off and i’m not discussing that right now)


@Crisis @PGKharnyx @Arelyna Hi
“Breath of the Drowned - Active | White | 1 Rage
Dragon’s breath attack deals 85% increased damage and freezes buildings for 2 seconds. Spell has a 4 second duration and a 3 second cooldown.”

The speed projectiles and the speed at which buildings are frozen are the same as Snowblind ? made myself clear ? Thank u :slight_smile:
Moreover, is it able to block projectiles and supershots in mid-air? Grazie ancora :slight_smile:


PG plz do something about Haku’s spells cooldown time and power :pray:t3:

I know there’s the discount but still even for a discount warrior he’s way too weak and the spell cooldown is way too long :pensive: For a dragon Witout any elemental resist :grimacing: Could use a serious buff… at the moment he’s a pain to fly :cry:

Haku needs more power! Desperately :pray:t3:

Something for the small level poor people :crossed_fingers:t3: @Crisis @Arelyna


Maybe they could increase the duration of his Talisman shield spell?


When you look at it that way, you are correct in saying it’s more expensive. Not including discounts, this season you are guaranteed to pay 90k sigils to obtain a Mythic, whereas last season you’d pay either 81.5k or 87.5k sigils (again not including discounts) depending which Mythic you chose.

HOWEVER, the reason I said “overall cheaper” is because last season for that 81.5k or 87.5 sigils, you would only get 3 things (2 leg drags & a Mythic drag, or 1 leg drag, 1 rider, and a Mythic drag). This season, for the 90k, you are getting 4 things. Whatever 3 branches you pick to be able to unlock the Mythic, and then the Mythic. That’s basically getting a 4th prize for free, or if you want to be very technical, you are paying 2.5k - 8.5k sigils for a 4th full branch. Never has a full branch been that cheap. The closest comparison would be being able to max a rider for 6,200 sigils, but that’s not the full branch. The full branch cost 25k sigils.


And we are also given an extra evo stone compared to last season on all except mythic


Where is the picture of Saito’s dragon rider armor.


There is no more rider armor as prizes, you get shards to craft it yourself.