Springblossom Season Start Official Discussion Thread


I fully agree.
Im just at garnet level after 2.5 years of playing. I’ve never completed a line. So overall reduced price does not apply.
Because the last rune is past onsidian stone i must spent more and get a stone that i will never use just to be able to unlock haku full potential as the devs intended


No I mean like this can I have the HD a quality picture of the armor please


Rampage’s cooldown it’s the problem


I guess you can ask @PGKharnyx or @Crisis or @Arelyna but there’s no HD picture of the armor in the post of the season.


How can I ask them . Thanks :pray:


You can click one of their names to go to their profile, then use the “message” button at the top right.


I guess just tagging them will do the trick, but it can work too


Couldn’t find an answer but all I see in bronze chests is ice crafting material. Is there a way to change this or will it rotate weekly to a different element?


No announcement on it yet I missed the announcement but I suspect it will rotate. The amounts are so tiny though, that it barely matters. We’re talking about ~480 bronze chests to craft a single item, ~4000 chests for a single set, or ~80,000 bronze chests for a legendary set at level 1.


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I agree both of the drops are super rare and gives literally nothing compared to what is obteinable in Atlas.


Arelyna also said that they are working on adding more ways to obtain shards in main game.


Yes, very true. Hopefully some of them will have a little more potential than the bronze chests.


Yeah i know but everyone know that working on something with PG can take monthes or years and it could take days


Even though its a tiny amount… I hope fire shards in in pvp :slight_smile:


Projectile speed for Breath of the Drowned is slower than Snowblind. @xRomanoX

It will rotate weekly. Thanks @free2kill for grabbing the quote.

We’re not aiming for it taking a crazy long period of time to get more shards in the future. There already are a few things in the works, but they aren’t ready to be talked about just yet.


One change I totally missed and cant say I was happy with at all was that Haku doesnt have any wood boosts in his line. Really didnt need 4 more food boosts. #SadChunk


Very gentle :slight_smile:
I will wait patiently


Honestly I love the new structure of this season, you don’t have to get dragons you “didn’t” want to just get a specific Mythic. Now “We” ( As the players can choose what “We” actually want to get) can freely choose what Mythic we want from obtaining “3 Keys” :key: to unlock a mythic Of “Our” choosing.

On top of that the mythic will cost “0” Sigils once 3 keys are obtained, there 100% free once unlocked.


I love the new structure. The only thing I’m not happy about is wasting sigils on portraits again… :see_no_evil: