Springblossom Season Start Official Discussion Thread


By paying for the portraits you’re paying less for a line… A lot of the people complaining about paying for the portraits are just short-sighted.


The flexibility to choose which dragons, riders, or boost, and get the mythic of our choice is great!

Being a little greedy… Would be nice to be able to pick any line for the discount, rather than than being pigeonholed. :grin:


Exactly & on top of that your getting 2 “Portraits” for the price of One( even tho last season you didn’t have to spend sigils to get a portrait) at least be happy about the branch’s cost 30k each instead of 31k+( the branch’s could of been easily over 35k+ for the new Empyrean Tier stone but it isn’t)


Pity :frowning: Oh well,
thank you for your kindness


Yes… that’s one of the main problems. Rampage cooldown and the duration :grimacing:
Hope PG will do something about it soon. Haku needs a lot more power. Like I said even for a discount dragon :pray:t3:
At the moment he’s like the worst and the weekest warrior dragon ever. Sad even to fly :tired_face::cry:


Still better than gladicus.


A dragon void of any spellkit would be better than Gladicus.


Y’all have some serious hate for Gladicus (not that I don’t get it, but dang). Poor thing. :frowning_face:


Checking about Projectile stuff, seems that starting from Empyrian, Hunter Fireball’s speed is boosted by 10 (from 110 to 120).

Will this speed upgrade be implemented to previous hunters?


It’s the haircut :joy:


I’m just GLADicus that I don’t have his spell set :smirk:


To elaborate…

Normal Sorcerer = 80
Bot-D = 100
Hunter Fireball (regular) = 110 / 120 (recent hunters)
Snowblind = 150


It’s strange how the godlike ability to conjure up 30% healing (over 4 seconds, of course) for the low cost of 2 rage failed to win lasting love. :joy:

Imagine 3 flaks hitting the Great Myrmidon as he wades into battle . . . but lo! Their blows be no more than rain against the face of a wet dog!

“Gadzooks! His health isn’t going down,” the hapless defenders say.

Gladicus gives a contemptuous shriek as his 7.5% hp/second gain outheals any damage and indeed renders him immortal. Is that not appropriate, for this GOD?

“His healing is too strong!”, the defenders wail. “If only we’d drained his rage, or he’d turned on his shield for a few seconds.”


Gladicus is the Rickon Stark of War Dragons


Not sure with this. Gladicus is way better than Ursa… (So glad that he’s been breedable)


No, no, that’s where you’re wrong. Ursa can breed, making him infinitesimally more useful than Gladicus by default.


I love the way the prizes got changed great job :grin:


i’m lazy to scroll… can anyone tell me if the way of blade can penetrate and destroy shielded towers like storm or SF ss


No. WotB behaves like Umbral Spike


For me excesively complicated. Just tired of it. Makes no difference as its impossible to get one season dragon even when I cared enough to try. Never bothered with runes let alone riders. Avoiding atlas. Over complicated a once simple game. No point in it for some time for me.