Springblossom Season Start Official Discussion Thread


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Hey, the dissolved oxygen content of our waters must have gone to near zero, there is no more life in our waters!


If you want to save up, try to

  1. Spend enough gold chests for PvP items for the whole season during discount period.
  2. Manage your PvP items for the whole season. Farm bronze chest a lot if necessary
  3. DO NOT open anymore gold chests (unless you need Embers, and that’s only during fort).
  4. Try to join higher league (preferably Sapphire+). While this may help a lot, many (most? all?) teams demand minimum points, which may be hard to get without spending (for anyone with low level and no savings) OR minimum player progress.

At the very least, you’ll be able to finish one season dragon for the following season.


No the “Way of the blade” “Can’t” Penetrate the Storm or Earth Flak Ss when active.


I mean my completly free to play alt finished the discount dragon last season and I might spend half an hour a day on it so it’s really not hard to finish 1 line. Its lvl 140ish with only a couple sapphires if that makes a difference :man_shrugging:


@PGLawson Can you confirm that Fighting Spirit’s 78% healing is with Maxed all 3 runes?


Maybe I missed it but has anyone added up Saito’s max possible stats? If not can someone remind me how many skill points we get from a maxed rider?


Sandberg has updated Dragon Manager for it…


Oh wow, just noticed he’s getting 160 points, 30 more than previous riders. Maybe because he’s more expensive?

Anyway by my count that puts him at +17/+11 +ammo or +11/+17 +ammo (or anywhere inbetween). Or I guess +17/+16 without ammo, if you don’t fly hunters.


I’d like to be happy about this season because I agree the changes are good. But I have submitted my first serious ticket to PG and have not had any support. I don’t trust them, my experience proves they are unethical.


My usual experience with ticket is

  1. Submit a ticket
  2. Post the number here and tag PX to trigger more open discussion.


Thanks for well intended advice. I used to just scrape one dragon, when prepared to be in higher leagues and do more. With extra couple of teirs now not worth it. The wretched complicating! Runes, riders, new currencies to builds etc. Now atlas is there I won’t go near it. I am a bad spender, lol, got loads of chests and gems. Don’t like the gambling. Which interestingly I heard recently is being investigated by governments, with a view to banning ‘loot chests’ in games, for gambling training the young.

Good luck in game, not worth the bother now to me.


What gambling?
I mean, it’s not the age of Gambling. It’s the age of predicting :sunglasses:


Thanks yes can just about be done, just not worth the trouble. For the one discounted one. Ty anyway.


Chest opening.



Yeah looks like either 17/11 or 15/13 with ammo or 17/15.8 without ammo. Shame they made us waste points on the stupid training cost skill but still good stats


still better than atlas rider…


I don’t think that really counts as gambling as you are getting a prize no matter what, and there’s no such thing as a duplicate in War Dragons. You’re never going to “lose” as you might with gambling.


That makes absolutely no sense. Just give them for free and give more valuable items against sigils.