Springblossom Season Start Official Discussion Thread


I may have missed an announcement but is there a reason why haku is capped at a lower level than other divines making him less powerful. Note I realize riders and gear and runes etc do impact it as well, but my previous season dragons are significantly stronger

Tez doesn’t even have a rider and has one epic rune on him I think
Coatl has good runes and a rider with one peice of legendary gear
Haku is level nine and I think at level 11 would be comparable to Tez who is also an earth warrior


Haku also has plus 30% attack on in this pic


Each seasons dragons scale differently. Chances are he will jump in power at a different tier that the others won’t.


Don’t they tend to scale attack so that dragons get a good chunk of their attack in the upper tiers for divines?


I got Saito, the rider, up to his crafting scrolls . I’m wondering where is his armor? Last season when I chose the Muskpell fire armor, it was there for choosing fire/earth armor. but I have No idea where Saito’s armor is for crafting. I don’t see it in the forge or in his reward line. Help?


He does not come with armor, he comes with scrolls and shards so you can craft your own armor. Go to the forge and go to the “gear” section. From there you can craft offensive and defensive gear of each element.


Thanks that was helpful. Its a shame I have to wait to craft a duplicate battle set for the rider though. I was hoping the armor I equipped would look like that so I am not getting my battle sets confused. Gonna miss admiring my Rider wearing its specific set.


Generally legendary armor that you can craft was better then what you used to be able to get in a rider line :eyes:


what if it crafts all common though. :eyes:


Then you’re kinda SOL. Sometimes it takes ages between one legendary and the next :see_no_evil:


@PGKharnyx Can we have fancy Completed stamp on our completed branch?


Then you craft more until it isn’t. There are enough materials in the kine to do about 120 crafts, on average that should get you around 5 legendary, 3 epic, which is better than the old season gear.


Is this a new change? Arcane Aegis on Cav is breakable via canon last I defended him.


When was that?


Agis was never breakable by cannons. That’s specifically why I put my cannon tower away


Really appreciate the vid!

Last defended during PvP – must have been seeing things wrong & taken him down when the shield expired. This really does diminish the canon usefulness, doesn’t it? :confused:


I think Aegis is the only shield that is immune. Maybe the new warrior’s as well.

I could be wrong on that.


Absorb Magic also ignores Cannon supershots.

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Zenko’s Trickster’s Toolkit seems to imply that gaining rage when destroying a tower is supposed to happen whether or not Zenko gains a spell from this action. I watched a few runs and noticed that Zenko only gains rage if it gains a spell.

The wording on the spell specifies that it gains rage whenever it destroys a tower as well as gaining a spell; or that the rage gain is not entirely dependent on acquiring a spell.

Other spells like Keth’s leech essence specify the spell is gained and the rage accompanies it.

Am I just mincing words here, or is Zenko not gaining rage when it should? The verbiage implies it should gain 1 rage every time it destroys a tower but it doesn’t seem to be working like that.

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Trickster’s toolkit gets replaced by the spell you steal. So as long as you don’t use that spell, you don’t have trickster’s toolkit and can’t get rage from it.