Springblossom Season Start Official Discussion Thread


Atleast it is still an increase. Better than nothing. People wanted an increase in branch prizes, they got it. No need to complain or set your expectations higher than Mount Everest


Why cannon super shot can not break Arcain Aegis of Kaiji

Its break balance of this game

Its also dragon that have elemental resist ,common sense you should kill them with non-elemental tower like archer connocn or trebuchet but all non-elemetal are less damage than Elemetal tower that decrease50% by elemental resist

Itsbreak the game’s balance


Hey @mechengg … Don’t forget the improved vision insurance plan that could actually help folks “see” that this upcoming season is designed much better! :rofl::+1:

On topic: I really like how the new season is laid out, especially with better prizes in the tiers and the ability to actually choose which Mythic Dragon you want. Thank you PG for the better options!


Not all shields should be breakable via cannon supershots. Plus, hardly anyone uses cannons these days


Thus you should preserve this ability to cannon

Cannon is less damage than other elemental tower but its should have the good ability to compensate to keep its game balance


Hmmm this makes me think twice if going for him :thinking:


It comes down to skill, planning, and timing.


You’re missing the point. What use is it making shield spells breakable by cannons of cannons aren’t even used at all once players unlock flak towers?


Zenko is not as similar as you say. Equestor was difficult to plan and control as the thunderbolt spell combined with the summon made an unreliable case of using extract essence. Equestor’s Extract Essence also felt as if it had a unique lack of synergy with its main Thunderbolt spell. Obtaining Chain Lightning was usually bad news, and Northern Lights and Southern Cross were difficult to use considering how unlikely it was for the Thunderbolt to actually kill mages, defended. Situationally, Vampiric Touch wasn’t bad for long islands, but you were limited by the Thunderbolt damage, and Uproot could see some use if red mages weren’t an issue.

Zotz had poor survivability and could not continue the attack following its initial sequence of Syphon Strike and cloak. It lacked the damage boost present in Zenko’s cloak following its burst, and could not sustain with spells like Magic Barrier, which are available to Zenko. Zenko’s access to vines is also very interesting, as that presents the possibility of set up, as you can now blink with the cloak spell to dodge mages. Zenko will be amazing as a cleaner as well- for every spell used in the trickster’s toolkit, you will get one rage. This is synonymous to the death gaze being totally free, the magic barrier granting you one rage, and the vines at either zero or one rage cost (don’t know this detail at the moment). That’s insane versatility that you will be VERY tough to pass up on. Imagine sequences of hitting the red mage with foxfire bolt, hitting blue to get magic barrier, while blinking the first volley of mage and flak shots, then cleaning up with foxfire, ensnare and death gaze cycling. Or perhaps you see the ice flak and prefer the ensnare blink combo instead. Red mage, blink first shots, death gaze on any tower with vines (probably ice flak if that’s the problem here), vines, blink, and finish. Fire flak? No problem! Got cloak to dodge the explosion. Ice flak? No problem, blink and ensnare, or just hit the damn thing with fox fire first (probably not a good idea as now you have two mages sitting around, but depends on the setup, right? Beam attacks from ice turret, fire turret supershots, and storms? Easy, magic barrier. Zenko is more than either Zotz or Equestor could ever dream to be, and while those were great concepts, I think Zenko is the most well designed dragon in this game. Zenko > Ronin any day.


Zenko reminds me more of Neptus tbh. But better


@Arelyna @PGChocolate Any chance that the crafting scrolls in the rider lines could become an optional pick? Like pick either scrolls or black pearls? I know a lot of people are pretty unhappy about pearls being removed and for anyone with atlas getting more scrolls is probably useless. Especially with them also being added to bronze chests.


Depends on your level and the quality of your gear. At lower levels the adjustment to his scaling percentage left him significantly weaker. And regardless, they singled him out for that downward adjustment. You can choose to call that something other than a nerf if you like, but… From the initial implementation of spell scaling to now, Pathox is weaker. From his initial release to now, like I said… depends on level and gear.

Again, the initial implementation of spell scaling left him way too powerful. Not arguing that for a second. They rebalanced him.


@Crisis thanks for good detailed description. I have 2 queries.

1st - Regarding seasonal buff on dragon. Will that 95% heal reduction be additive with atlas rider (example kevana) 15% heal time reduction so that dragon will heal instantly? Please confirm.

2nd - Is rider skillset reset option also valid for old past season riders or only new and upcoming ones?


For your second question, they answered it in a post somewhere and that is a yes


That’s good. Can’t wait my kevana warrior skillset to reset to sorcerer skills so that I can use it on my upcoming new baby Jorm :sunglasses:


Lutrus excells at all three… and is infuriatingly hard to shoot down when he gets into a groove :see_no_evil:


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Haku’s Purifying Aegis duration is short, with the lag and projectile travel time I dont see how this is going to work.
The dragon has 2 rage generation skills, i think its redundant, there are no spells on that warrior that consume so much rage. (long cooling times)
and there are no resists.

The only pros i see is that its discounted


You are wrong about it surt is better , as a hunter he has no way of cloaking so casting those spells would require skills and timing


That’s pretty much it. He’s a legendary warrior which means he basically has no point in existing because they will never attempt to make a good one. Get them for the discount and then toss them in the trash. For some reason they seem to hate warriors that arent mythic and/or arent breedables in Vanguard or above