Springblossom Season Start Official Discussion Thread


As it poses Ronin seems quite fragile, in balance with AP. Planning seems the most important key, really memorizing the whole base before!

I wonder if cloak is equippable? :smiling_imp:


okies quick maths done, the 21k sigils taken away this season means mythic for me personally is just viable, this will however mean that this season is more expensive for many and the mythic not obtainable for some where it was before.

Any benefit that the higher prizes give is however totally negated, as those 21k sigils won’t be spent on prizes, not gone into enough detail yet to work out if it’s a win or a loss, basically feels like a draw at the moment. (except more chests need opening in the first two weeks to get all of cheap drag).

I do prefer the choice of mythic this season gives though, but this definitely comes at a price.


What on earth are you on about?


Your math is off.


Yep i think I did some early morning miss reading… thought i saw a 30% drop in personal event sigil prizes, another reminder to self not to trust early morning reading…

Edit: Spelling


It is probably because warriors own in the lower levels, especially level 60-100, I think the game champions different dragons at different levels. But with hunters doing exceptionally well against well built bases


Im loven the unicorn fars​:grin::kissing_heart:


@PGKharnyx can we have this time a wallpaper with Ronin only (not a mix of all the dragons) like Neptus one ? Please :grimacing:


Ty pg for this improvement.
And I like that you get an extra dragon just to get a mythic because now its possible to get 3 legendary + mythic for less then sigil it took before. But if I pass on rider i get less prizes


I believe it said in the post all riders can be reset. My question is there cost associated with the reset aka Gems?


Yep, 10k rubies for the season riders, 10k diamonds for atlas riders.


Thanks I knew there had to be a catch. That cost is a little more than I was expecting.


I’ve used Zotz and Equestor for a while, I know how to use them correctly. No need to give me a lesson on them. I just said that Zenko, in some way, reminds me of both Equestor and Zotz


So how big is the attack radius for execute? I’m sorry if it’s already been asked but there are way too many comments to go through while at work lol.


You can see it in the spotlight in OP or on WD ytb channel.
It’s from what i’ve seen the same as Entrap or Enfeble

Edit: link: https://youtu.be/vwNbhNmHro0


One gold chest … Makes me think of the time I was given a tip of 25 cents and told not to spend it all in one place.


LOL, That’s a good one.


:+1:O yes!!!


@D0CT0RDEATH First Shot is the size of death gaze AOE. Second shot is the size of Enfeeble AOE. Third shot is the size of Entrap AOE.


This looks good but I’m wondering if I am reading it correctly that Fire crafting shards for armor will NOT be one of the choices I can make?

If so, may I ask why? Of course it can’t have anything to do with the fact that those are what I need most, but sometimes I wonder…