Springblossom Season Start Official Discussion Thread


Enfeeble radius was smaller than entrap ?
My memory is weak with spells that i don’t use often :see_no_evil:


Just a shot in the dark, but it might be that two of the three have to do with the mythics… and the other was just randomly chosen :man_shrugging:


My guess is:

  • The pick-your-variant interface thingie in the paths only supports up to 3 choices.
  • None of the four dragons in this season are fire dragons.


Not on the first rider.
Perhaps they have considered offering at least 1 of each type of shard this season (seeing as there is 2 riders)


One gold chest and 1/2 of a flak upgrade at my level. It is a player win… at the 25 cent slot machine that just came up all cherries across the line.

Just enough to keep a fool mildly interested and playing that slot machine again, or buying packs and upgrading stuff.


I still think that an AoE Tidal Surge is Over Power…


Do you just expect dragons to flop on any base relative to their tier or something?


For me a dragon can be very strong but never OP.
If a dragon turns out to be Overpower, breaking the fragile balance of the game, well then it should be rebalanced enough to not be Overpower. I can not care less how much money people spend to take a particular OP dragon …
Very Strong, yes
Overpower, Nope.
We’ll see how Ronin will turn out, but at first impression the AoE Tidal Surge would seem to be very Overpower.


Yeah, there’s a difference between strong and overpowered but I don’t think you’re very clear on where that line is. If you read the posts from people who have actually flown the dragon rather than making speculation, they say he is far from overpowered.

But even with speculation, it’s easy to see he is not OP. If he had a way to cloak, then maybe he’d be bordering on OP but since he doesn’t, he’s going to have a very obvious ceiling. Plus, a dragon that takes skill to use correctly is never going to be OP in my book, because then you’d have to consider Hau or Necryx OP as well. Ronin is not a Surt; he is not a push two buttons and win dragon. I think you’ll see that pretty clearly when he comes out.

He is definitely going to be a strong dragon when attacking relative to his tier, but I don’t think he’ll be able to hit above his weight as much without a way to dodge damage. Therefore, he’s not OP.


Dark for Ronin
Wind for Zenko
Ice because it’s one of the 2 elements that works well as a secondary element when crafting dark or wind gear. Fire isnt.

I would think that the defensive rider would possibly have fire, earth and dark shards


People? What kind of people? The same that stated that Surt was just strong?


No, the same people who pushed for him to be nerfed. :roll_eyes:


It’s 1/10 of what I expected.

I’m phucking glad.



Robins blade isn’t exactly overpowered as it has cooldown between. It means entrap had to be successful with the right immunity, or he will take a serious beating. Plus you will have to remember the key location to use with the small ones.

I guess in the right hands it can be overwhelming and it’s a good cleaner


I have to agree. It pales in comparison to Batman’s blade.


It will definitely be equip able lol…why would it not be


Just stop, he won’t be OP because he is quite squishy. Has no way to avoid damage besides his resist. Even surt has this weakness, except surt can cause high damage much faster and can beat shields and has a better resist


He totally deserves $10.50 an hour, a $25 gas credit, and a 401k!



better heals too with surt 1.0 pre-nerf, still better heals with surt 2.0 post-damage-nerf. and still better heals with surt 3.0 post-heal-nerf… which you forgot to mention… :grin: as sustainability for sorcerers is definitely a positive factor too.

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Some dragons don’t allow specific equips. Happened before