Springblossom Second Wave Official Discussion Thread

Please ask questions and discuss regarding the Springblossom Second Wave.

you’ll be treated to a free gift of in-game goodies that include Breeding Tokens, Gold Chests, and a bunch of Timers

How many of each?


Even a ballpark would be great. I don’t want to do this and then get something like whats currently in bounty harbor.


No picture for completing both…sad :pensive:

Wow, Kazane can give 24% hunter or warrior attack or 24% Sorcerer HP? Glad Im getting her now

I really do not like the animation on Goda’s shield at all. Completely blocks any nearby towers from view


The reskin is nice and all but man a portrait would have been sooooooo much better. Maybe next season.


Or make the reskin selectable like regular vs atlas view was for a while. No one wants to loose a very special gift. If next season you do similar reward and a person keeps getting all they can choose what skin they like best.

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I think the re-skins should be permanently earned. Perhaps 1-2 buildings per season (1 per mythic?) and you should have the ability to select a skin for each building to customize your island.


I’m not a fan of the temporary awards… what mechengg said :point_up:


Agree with mech… all those hard work for a measly prize




This x 100

    • Upon activation, the Dragon will deal 15% of its modified HP to all nearby buildings. The spell will immediately restore 50% of the dragon’s modified HP and the dragon will become invincible for 3 seconds. While invincible, the dragon will block Mage Tower’s supershots (both Rage drain and freeze effects). Spell has an 18 second cooldown.

18 second CD? o_O

Glad the repeat of mine gets attention :+1:

Edit: reply to below: main thing is not temporary please

Difference being i don’t like the entire island as 1 selectable skin. I think that 1 or 2 buildings per season should be all that is offered so that people keep wanting the new skins instead of finding only 1 they want then losing this incentive to do well. Plus keeping it at a limited amount allows for far more combinations as time progresses.


At least is isn’t single cast like Nova.

PG please show video spotlight with defenders.
Goda vs defenders

  1. Ice flak SS followed by Dark flak SS
  2. Storm SS with mage SS

Why make warriors that can’t survive in real war? This game is called WAR dragon, right?

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Am i the only one who feel uncomfortable looking at Goda’s shield :eyes: phobia looking at cluster things :joy:

Base boost is a nice line for the elemental embers!

But 4,000 black pearls is a complete joke; come on, at the higher levels, that’s not even enough for 1 upgrade.


To be honest I would just wait for real players to take videos with defenders…no offense to pg but they don’t fly as well as most the expierinced player base does :grimacing:

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