Springblossom Stream Preview Notes + Emp Mythics (2nd post)




I will too! If only one knows where is that awesome boost…


You missed the part where @Snowbrent said “if”. They were just explaining how it would have looked like if the Legendaries had been increased by 3k sigils as it was usual before. They were not saying the new lines were increased in cost…

How do you get a Mythic for 60k? I’m not good with numbers but I remember the rider discount on first page is only 3k sigils, so if they had kept the discount a Mythic could have cost at least 72k… Unless I messed up my calculations :sweat_smile:


Just to clarify a mistake which is propagating in some chats: the discount dragon WILL count towards one of the mythics, right?


Yes, they will. You will be able to choose any 3 branches out of 6 (excluding token boost and Festive) to claim 1 Mythic.


Cool, thanks!


@PGChocolate please remove the fire and ice shards entirely, theyre useless to literally everyone

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I’d rather they didnt unless they are significantly upping the amount of elemental embers. Some people do still use fire and ice shards because they dont spend enough to get the embers needed for more than day 3 flaks.


Does one key unlock a fraction of a Mythic or just three keys unlocking it all?


3 unlocks it all, having just 1 or 2 wont help as you cant unlock any portion of the mythic without all 3.


you do realize that theyre replacing the FS & IS with EE right, thus solving the issue you just described


They also changed the riders to be 30k sigils to match the dragons, so I was just extrapolating an extreme bound on discounts :joy:

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I am expectant I must say! Very curious to see the actual renewed lines.

Smells like GPF cooperation


Wouldn’t the EE drop rate have to be increased exponentially to accommodate replacing fire/ice turrets with Flak at the same level?

Until we see just how many more are available in a line, completely eliminating fire shards might be a bad thing, especially for players with near max towers for their level.

Getting players the tools to modernize their defense is a great thing, completely eliminating choice isn’t.


if youre building fire and ice turrets then youre just wasting timers

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50% off x 2 would be a bit too much to expect :joy:… The only time a rider was 50% off its whole line was the first seasonal Rider Grogg…

Who knows? They might change how the discount work in the future and discount a rider at 50% again instead of a discounted Dragon? :thinking:

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I would have almost preferred that this month, since the discounted earth warrior is really just Cav pt 2, Golden Statue Boogaloo.


Thanks PG, the changes look good! :grin: Definitely looking forward to the saison, even if I don’t know what to go for :joy: I‘ll start with the discount lion ans token bonus, as always.


Boooooooooooo!!! HATE this!!! Didn’t we already try this before and reverted back?


Not exactly. Previously they were spread throughout the reward line, but the problem was with the non-competitive rider gear being forced upon us. With the update you will no longer see rider gear, but instead receive elemental shards and crafting scrolls. Like you I enjoyed getting expert riders on the cheap, but I can appreciate balance when it comes alongside beneficial rewards.