Springblossom Stream Preview Notes + Emp Mythics (2nd post)


You are making the rather large assumption that the shards and scrolls they offer will be of a beneficial amount.


Oh trust me on this one, no amount of scrolls will benefit me as I have an overwhelming amount even though I craft new gear 24/7 (upgrading legendary/elite only during the gear crafting event). The point is that the rewards themselves have a use for some or all players while items like rare gear are useless to almost every player.
I agree that PG should provide rewards that are perceived as valuable by players based on the effort it takes to get them. I think they are doing better in regard to season reward paths and hope to see continued improvement, but it will never be good enough for some people…


I think you’re missing the point replacing max turrets with max flaks will be costly due to the fact of having to start over tower per tower and having to rerune your base as well as the fact is I personally like my fire turrets.


With sigil cost for mythical dragon increases, is there any incentive to get other branches besides the discount ?

Anyone is going to skip the discount dragon this time? It’s a 15 k sigil difference!

Not many players are going to have extra sigils left to finish the festival dragon. Mythic + festival = 106k or 120k sigils. This new structure will further divide the haves and have-nots.

PG really should let us know more about the last dragons in the first two weeks. This will help the players out.

  1. Don’t want players to regret spending sigils early
  2. Or regret not wait for the last two dragons.

There are more sigils involved this time, so it could effect players happiness more this time.


See this is what I am seeing as well it just doesn’t seem as good as everyone is saying it is.


Give a mouse a cookie and he’ll want a glass of milk.

People were complaining that they wanted to know which 2 mythics were coming so they could plan which to go for.

Now PG gives us 4 dragon previews leaving only 2 uncovered and that’s still not good enough?

There’s got to be some gamble left or it’s just boring.

Personally the discount dragon has 0 appeal to me, but I’m not mad about it. Should I get it anyway just to assure access to a mythic? Are the mythics even going to be worth shooting for? What if the festive turns out to be stellar? On the other hand it could be a repeat Skoll n Hati.

These things are all unanswered NOW, but I think that’s a good thing. Allowing yourself a bit of wiggle room in any plan is not a bad thing. And the suspense of what’s coming is half of why we play this game, come on be honest.


Besides what @AngryDrache said, you can go for the discount and just wait to see the rest when it comes. If you don’t like it, you wait further for the festive.

Honestly, if it was like that on this current season I would be happy having gone with Hildr, Gunnar and Astrid. I can’t see how this massive improvement could be much better to be honest.


That’s what I plan on doing, I don’t think I’ll even bother hatching the discount dragon unless my incubator is free. Other goodies in the line will be worth it, especially if I finish the line in the first two weeks.


I like the new season, but honestly. I don’t like the whole “three branches for one mythic.” Personally, PG should’ve just stuck to “two branches per mythic” instead. I mean, they’ve been keeping it “two branches per mythic” for a while now, why ruin it and change it back to “three branches per mythic?” I might just get a rider and the token bonus. Maybe even get a dragon since i need more divines that are able to evolve past sapphire tier


I think the new system is vastly better because you could potentially end up with 4 dragons for about the same price that you’d end up with 2 today.

Choice is a good thing. If no dragons appeal to you, you can grab the discount dragon (because sales are good things) and two riders. Or the discount, a rider, and the base boost.


Hmm, might consider the discount drag; I need a good warrior. Also, is the twitch rider offensive?


Yea I always preferred the old old way (as in the requiring 3 dragons), but then again now you absolutely need to spend all 90k sigil (for the sake of argument no discount) to even acquire the mythic, where before you could spend less on the mythic if you didn’t care about the top few tiers


How does the discount dragon compare to den bred dragons? I hope its better


You don’t seem to realize that with the new Empyrean tier released we could have had a huge increase in non-discounted cost, like 3k for each Dragon (9k in both old and new layout) like it used to be every season or so. Instead we got a measly 3k Sigils increase total (excluding discount) for…

… More goodies in every branch. It looks like a fair compromise. We can’t tell how much it’s worth yet, we just have to be patient, but I really like the look of this season! :wink:

The Festive is not mandatory. It used to be a bonus Dragon for a reason. It’s an extra that players can choose to go for instead of a Dragon used to unlock the Mythics.

There’s no reason to regret your choice if you go for the discounted Dragon. You get cheap prizes and a Dragon who could help in Temple Raid for instance. It’s a choice to get the Discount or wait to see if sheep are fatter on the other side of the pen. There’s a bit of gamble and planning :wink:

There has always been suspense in season waves. No anticipation would mean bored players already waiting for the next season. I’m always looking forward to the next waves and it always makes me as excited as a kitten!


Also remember that at the end of the day, it’s just a game :blush:


The rider created by the community has been revealed to be defensive yesterday (bummer I know…)

:thinking: That’s a good argument… But if you plan on getting a Mythic, after all your efforts and investment, isn’t it better to secure the very last Evolution stone to be sure you enjoy it for as long as possible?

(I’m still missing my old Skarr buddy even though I got his max Sapphire stone and he wasn’t relevant anymore :slightly_frowning_face:)



YoYo is predicting that there will be a mythic ice warrior, and it will only be unlocked when you get the mythic dark hunter and mythic wind sorcerer.

Why do I think that? Well they said there is a bonus for completing both mythics… and the mythics give choice of 3 shard elements… dark, wind and ice. Why 3? Why ice? That’s what leads me to believe it will be a mythic ice warrior. So that’s my crystal ball prediction but I could be wrong :slight_smile:


The Mythic Sorcerer seems quite powerful as follower, Kill the blue and the base will be story.
Zenko, u will be mine :slight_smile:


It’s pretty much the same except you’re getting an additional dragon/rider/boost. This isnt the same as it was pre-winter 2018 since the discount is still part of it and the mythic costs 0 sigils (neptus cost what, 7k sigils?). The previous price for the mythic is instead in the 3rd line required.

One of my concerns though is how much more rune dust will be included in the other dragon lines now that the mythic doesnt have any?

Also I really dont see any reason for the festive to not be part of the mythic requirements. It’s a legendary dragon that isnt discounted. If it cost less than the other dragons then I could totally understand since it’s normal price then it really should come with a key at the end too


Probably because those 3 work together for crafting/leveling gear

For dark gear wind and ice shards can be put towards 5 pieces of gear
For wind gear dark and ice shards can be put towards 4 pieces of gear
For ice gear dark and wind shards can be put towards 4 pieces of gear

Dark and wind are for the mythics and ice is useful as a secondary element for both of those sets. The other option would have been earth instead of ice so it was probably a coin flip on which to go with. Fire, Dark and Wind wouldnt have worked well together


that could be it too lol