Springblossom Stream Preview Notes + Emp Mythics (2nd post)


Interesting prediction. I was actually thinking about something like the first or second season bonus, which was a real 3D printed Kinnara for anyone who would complete the full Mythic line.


Yeah the way I look at it is 3 lines of stuff vs.3 lines of stuff but now it costs more and no more ice,fire shards, riders require both pages now and no more black pearls if they increase the other prizes to make up for that is yet to be seen unfortunately with their past history and what seems like every update is geared to make you spend more it seems very unlikely this will work out for the benefit of the player base.


While I didn’t get the statue, I loved getting my WarDragons t-shirt as a prize and still wear it all the time! I love the idea of real-life prizes and hope they will do them from time to time, but assume the accountants will say it’s a no go…


Fair. You’re also making the assumption that the shards and scrolls they offer will be an inconsequential amount. Perhaps we should wait and see? :slightly_smiling_face:


First glance lends me to believe it’s basically got warrior syndrome for the most part but it’s not as bad. Basically every warrior fears the ice flak, this one is no exception. Rampage is a great spell, so is the white invincibility (think jormungandr). The blue shield seems awkward but whatever. You can’t win everything especially with a discount warrior. It’s certainly not Gloomclaw or Gladicus :joy:


Unfortunately I pay for atlas elite so shards and scrolls as regular ingame currency is inconsequential for the most part but if they are of a decent amount atleast I can stop spending on atlas elite then :wink:


Wonderful. The season hasn’t even started and they’ve already given me a dilemma. I need a good warrior, so the discount is tempting. However…, the festive will be pink, and who can pass that up? At my level, I can only get one. Dammit…


Just hoping, in case that the festive is hunter…
Please don’t hurt our hands more than S&H…


Not necessarily, I’m still at least two or three years from empyrean. I wouldn’t really care if I didn’t get it as it is unlikely I’ll be playing 3 years from now. And I’ll definitely have the opportunity to get whatever new mythics are available by then


Yea gladicus was the worst… I really feel like we should get a refund for that dragon lol. Mines still chilling in the den, I don’t think he has a single xp point on him :sweat_smile::joy:

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i fed my drags with gladicus’ delicious meat


It depends…knowing pg and their implemantation of things they most likely wont give enough to justify building another flak. I’d rather not have anyone calling for the complete removal of those shards until we see how many extra embers we get.


It’s not wasting timers if that’s your best option for a decent defense and you dont have enough embers to supplement extra flaks.


The season tokens idea sounds like a really good idea, but players who can’t get three branches should be allowed to pass the tokens over to the next season. I know, I know, there’s a reason why they’re called “seasonal” tokens. But it might help out those players


My initial knee jerk reaction was that I wished they carried over, but then I realized that it would be so easy for people to get mythics. Collect a key or two a season wait for the next latest and greatest mythic and you got it. I’m saying this as an e2p player btw.

It would have to be something like the megacoin inventory where you can only hold one to carry over, if anything at all. I don’t mean you (I don’t know you) but it doesn’t seem right for someone who doesn’t do a lot but get the discount dragon over the course of a season to be able to access mythics


At least they do allow us to carry something. If we cannot carry sigils, carry something giving sigils. :eyes:

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:rofl: You’re funny.

It will be a portrait…you heard it HERE first… :joy:

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Potentially dumb question: Will the free Mythic branches have anything other than their stones? To clarify, is this the same branch as before where all items are free or just the stones and runes going to be there?

Because i’m always struggling for Rune dust. So each dragon giving rune dust was a way for me to upgrade their runes and glyph. If the mythic branch only has stones and no rune dust, I’d have to save it up from somewhere else.


is in notes


Thank you, missed that line completely. :sweat_smile: Need a pair of glasses.

Also thank you very much @forScience for all your time and hard work compiling the information for idiots like myself. :blush: :pray: