Springblossom Stream Preview Notes + Emp Mythics (2nd post)


While I try to abstain from being the “I just want more” person, I find it difficult to understand why the festive dragon would not contain a key toward mythics and hope PG will consider adding it to this line.


In the first two weeks, complete the discounted Warrior as much as u can.
Then, if you have not completed it within two weeks, stop it and start the Egg Boost branch (at least up to +100%).
Once you get the +100% egg boost (3100 sigils), resume the branch of the discounted warrior.
This warrior seems Really Good and its weakness is the Ice Flak supershot.


Exactly what I am doing also screen shotted all the current prizes and amounts curious to see these “increased” prizes lol.


Awesome work! They could bump it up by a single ember and be technically accurate. Those big timer drops on monuments being a prime example of PG shenanigans.


Romano, that sounds like a good approach, especially if it’s the consensus that this is a good warrior.


Since festive costs 31k sigils, maybe we should get a key as well for spending that much… please :pleading_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Yes, please include a key with the festive PG :pray:t2:


The discount dragon … is the discount for the entire dragon or only the first page? Sorry I forget how it goes.


It’s the whole dragon. So, instead of 30k sigils, the dragon will cost 15k sigils if you can complete it within the first two weeks.


Protective Talisman (new): very brief invincibility shield with no rage cost but high cooldown.
Please, could it be immune to the Ice Flak supershot?I believe we all know why :slight_smile:


è solo quello che farei :slight_smile: it’s just what I would do :slight_smile:


Doesn’t that defeat the point :joy:

Kinda like Elemental Mayhem having no effect on flaks, but the opposite :thinking:


This isn’t happening. They will still be available as a CHOICE. Think of it like choosing the headless horseman portrait with the background vs without the background. But with Ice/Fire/Elementals


Hard to spend sygils on a perishable line when you could get a useful dragon instead especially for f2p and e2p players or open chests during fort vs. pvps.


I am slightly worried about that base boost line to be honest. It kinda has to be strong to make it worth 30k sigils. But if it’s strong it might become a must-have for anyone with a serious base, meaning we basically lose a dragon per season just to keep our bases competitive.


I think it will be a 3 month amount of shields and swords… totally worth it /s

I can’t think of a boost good enough for 30k sigils but not good enough to brake (more) the balance of the game… Maybe the good stuff in that line es part go those 30k sigils value… I can’t wait to know.


well, i don’t know about not worth it. if buff is half decent it will be worth it. Good base, good gear, season buff and regular buffs… Yes please. Plus that will be right around the start of the next atlas season…

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This base boost is very dangerous. It’s either irrelevant or overpowered


I’m done with the Mythic dragon OP/nerf, bait and switch, PG merry go round.

Egg token and base boost might be just what I need if they are chock full of timers and embers. I could see a LOT of sub 300 players being interested assuming a good ROI.


Just an idea, but maybe the boost is comparable to the Temple Guardian boost? Where certain towers, per attack, are randomized to be x% stronger? That could be interesting…