Springblossom Stream Preview Notes + Emp Mythics (2nd post)


It’s not hard to think of a boost that’s worth 30k sigils. The problem, to me, is that any boost good enough to be worth the price is likely to be so good that nobody can really afford to skip it.

The 100% token boost is like that, almost nobody goes without that (except maybe people at the very top with all dragons, or at the very bottom). But that one is 3k, not 30k.

I kinda fear that from this point on, everyone in a semi-serious league will be forced to reserve 30k sigils for this, meaning the average E2P goes from 1-2 dragons per season to 0-1 dragons per season.


but do you really need more than 1 dragon a season? Rune dust alone to properly rune 1 dragon is brutal as is.

personally i love the extra option of NOT getting yet another rider or dragon


so very true.

-if we are both thinking of a good mythic. xD


Cavaleris is not fully runed.
Somnus is not fully runed and never will be.
Jarl is not fully runed and never will be. (What a joke)
Sylphen is not fully runed and never will be. (Bugged, PG won’t fix.)

How many more Beast clearing “Divine” dragons do I need? Zero.


I don’t like another layer of boosts… Feels like another layer for cheaters to hide hacks in. Can’t take down a level 60 tower? Maybe there’s a defensive rider. Maybe that rider is on a warrior. Maybe that warrior is mythic. Maybe it has awesome gear. Maybe they also have the base boost… all plausible…

But maybe they also added an increase to their defensive stats… Maybe the boost increases the effect of super hammers… Casually, there will likely be no way of knowing whether you got shot down by a masterful base, or a cheater. :man_shrugging:

What about 10:1 kill ratios based on hacked bases - we already know that, even IF a player is caught cheating and even banned, the damage is done, the troops are gone, the castle is taken (or saved depending on which side of the battle the cheater is on). No recourse, no refunds, no restitution.


Will they?.. In forScience summary I see:

  • Ice and Fire Shards have been removed from the legendary dragon and rider lines in exchange for elemental embers but are still in the base boost branch.

It would be great if there will be a choice, though. Some players want those shards.


Chocolate indicated on stream that they would be available in the Base Boost branch, and would be a selection style (an either-or)


Oh… thanks!


Oh goodness. Yeah, that should definitely be decrease costs.

We merely meant that we haven’t even started the Spring Season so we will not confirm or deny anything this early.

Correct. Haku will count towards the one of the mythics.

A single key will not unlock a fraction of the mythic. One of the mythic branches will only be unlocked when you have obtained 3 keys.

Not me! :wink:


so, can’t help but wonder if these “free” mythic are how pg will try and avoid having people request refunds for nerfed mythics. All they have to do is leave the regular branch items untouched, so in theory money spent is strictly for the main line. Then mythic are technically free and they can nerf the heck out of it and do what they will… and folks will have less recourse.


I’m wondering about this. And the value of the boost decreases if it takes you long to earn the sigils. You need 30k ready at week five after possibly getting the discount and egg boost to make the most of the actual boost.

It’s also possible the compelling value will be in the other line contents and not so much the boost itself, making it a dragon vs base progress choice more than a dragon vs ephemeral bonus.

We do have an awful lot of dragons and riders. People not at end game and thus not outgrowing their dragons don’t necessarily need a hot new divine or two every season? Anticipating this for five more weeks is gonna be a killer. I just hope it’s not a massive disappointment when it comes.


Looks like breeding is starting the Springblossom season! Get ready to breed your heads off!


Why all the hate? Give PG a chance :pleading_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I think the twitch rider gonna be a defencive rider


So many bad decisions in the past by pg myself and I am sure others only hope for the best but expect the worse every change they make.


So what time will the spell details be released.


They could have loaded it up with lots of nice goodies instead vs the other dragon and rider lines?

We’ll know in week 5 I guess!


I haven’t had any issues with Sylphen lately :man_shrugging:t2:


It might be the bug where sand-based spells are shot too early and don’t apply the disable effect.


Only issue I’ve seen with Syphilis is with the damage from chains being very inconsistant. I run the same chest base multiple times, sometimes it takes 2 shots of chains to kill the farms, other times it takes up to 5 (no healing happening)