Springblossom Stream Preview Notes + Emp Mythics (2nd post)


The important thing for me is that the Season starts without problems and glitches.


And without feeding during discount period.


I think I might have my plan for the spring season(might change according to how the season goes):

  1. Get Egg token Bonus
  2. Get the discount dragon(as far as i can on the branch during the discount period).
  3. Get the offensive rider
  4. If I finish the discount dragon then maybe I’ll get either the offensive rider or the twitch rider(depends on what’s I need more).

I’d still suggest getting discount first (or at least start on and go as far as you can) before getting Egg token bonus. Because 100% bonus will still be automatically working during the whole first week because it’s breeding and sort of unnecessary.:slightly_smiling_face:


Ah ok, yea I have fired during the turn in a while


Discount dragon -> egg token bonus -> offence rider that’s me next season. After Skoll and Hati I’ve totally lost faith about the festive dragon :pensive:

  1. Discount dragon (during first 2 discounted weeks)
  2. 125% Egg token boost
  3. Base boost (Take it or skip based on PG offering)
  4. Finish remaining items of 1.
  5. Wait and observe till final super sigil chest.
  6. Meanwhile continue enjoying UVS and Pathox :laughing:

I’ve many sigils remaining, should I use them now or can I use them in next season??


USE THEM. If you do not use them before 11:59 pm (Pacific Time) on Tuesday (tomorrow) then you will LOSE THEM FOREVER. Use them now! Do not delay! Sigils NEVER carry over. Un-opened chests do cary over, in which you can find sigils for next season if you open them at the right time. (Chest drops are determined at the time that they are opened, not when the chests were obtained.)


Discount first I would advise. Also, did you consider if you switch nr 4 for anything other regular branch you’ll pretty much have a mythic? Assuming you prioritize discount one ofc.

I learned my lesson this season, always go for the discount :wink:

  • 125% Egg token boost(first week)
  • Discount dragon (Second week)
  • Offensive rider(first page)
  • Base boost (Take it or skip based on PG offering)
  • Defensive rider(first page)
  • Wait till last week to observe how PG modifies the mythic dragons!!!
  1. Take discount dragon
  2. Take eggtoken bonus 100%
  3. Wait until week 8, when the whole season contents is known
  4. Read stories on “damn, I would better wait for week 5 / festive / feedback on mythic / final nerf or boost / supersigils / never again / …”
  5. Decide near supersigils, what to take :slight_smile:

I do not farm eggtokens, so 125% doesn’t make sense - I will get more from that saved sigils than from 25% extra.
And, as mentioned earlier, eggtoken bonus is not needed during week 1. Also, 6.3k sigils spent on bonus are missed 12.6k sigils later for discount dragon (unless you are able to take both full discount line and eggtoken bonus in first 2 weeks).


is the rider going to increase training cost? cause the arrows show up would be better if they were showing down


Arelyna replied :stuck_out_tongue:


ok thx must have missed seeing it :smile:


You mean you don’t do egg missions at all? Even if you never speed them up and just do them casually over the day, the 25% is worth around 200 tokens a day. In 10 weeks that’s 14k tokens, you won’t get anywhere near that for 3k sigils, not to mention the other goodies on the egg token line.

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There might be a fundamental flaw in this plan, and that is the rider shards are no longer on just 1st page. At least the twitch one


Mixed on both like in Duskfall, so just first page = garbage rider. I had skipped both in Duskfall, though I guess it’ll depend on what the skill tree/prizing looks like this time.


I do egg missions every day, still 3k sigils to be saved are better for me. Here is my math :slight_smile:

I have elite and 100%. That gives me 116 / 232 / 464 tokens for 1h / 4h / 20h missions. 125% will give me 132 / 261 / 522 tokens. Each day I do the 20h mission, let’s say, 3 4h missions (morning, evening and one somewhere during the day) and 5-8 1h mission. Let’s take 8, so 125% will look better. So, each day I have 464 + 3 * 232 + 8 * 116 = 2088 tokens. With 125% it will be 522 + 3 * 261+ 8 * 132 = 2361 tokens. The season lasts 365 / 4 = 91 day. Bonus is not from the beginning, but again, let’s count like it is.

With 100% I will get 91 * 2088 = 190 008 tokens. With 125% it will be 214 851, which is 24843 tokens extra. Now, what is better - 3.15k sigils or 24843 tokens? Let’s compare them using rubies. If you farm tokens, with 100% bonus and elite account you get 80 tokens for 30 rubies (level of zeppelin doesn’t matter, as the cost in rubies scales with amount of tokens). Ok, let’s take 90 tokens (which 125% bonus give us). So, to farm 24843 tokens I will need 24843 / 90 * 30 = 8280 rubies (or 9316, for 100% bonus). How many rubies I will need to get the 3.15k sigils that I’ve spent on this bonus? From 10 supersigil chests we get about 1250 sigils or so for each 5k rubies in average, if we take into account the bonus chest after each 30 opened chests. 3150 / 1250 * 5k = 12.6k rubies.

So, to summarize for those, who are not sleeping yet and haven’t scrolled down in fear of numbers… For 125% bonus, I will spent 3.15k sigils extra, and will receive 24.8k tokens. Same amount of tokens I could get by farming, if I spent 9.3k rubies. Same amount of sigils I could get by supersigils, if I spent 12.6k rubies. Since I always open supersigils at the end of season, I would better take 3.15k sigils.

There is additional bonus of 125% bonus - prizes from two lines of eggtoken bonus, which I’m not including (could be also converted to rubies for comparison). I don’t think it will add much, and at the same time, in calculations I’ve used like I have 125% for the whole season. Due to that, 100% is better for me than sigils. If you farm during season - 125% will be better, since you get those extra again and again, and at some point it overweights the 100% - because of the difference 80 vs 90 tokes for 30 rubies. But I don’t farm - so 100%.


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