Springblossom Stream Preview Notes + Emp Mythics (2nd post)


Gold Chests have increased from 99 to 100
Wow PG so generous, I’m floored :joy:


More embers
More frags
More timers
More dust

In this type of branch specifically :slight_smile:
All of decent amounts % wise


Wow… Just so wow… NOT


wish it was 50%+ xD


30% fragments
38% timers
15% embers

Keep in mind that this is also just the legendary branches direct comparison. If you are going for the mythic, you can count 3x of these vs 2x plus the mythic branch prizes (which are less than a legendary branch) from last season.

Also keep in mind that this is only the legendary branch. You haven’t seen whats available in the rider branches nor base branches, nor the full roll up comparison.


can my :wink: :wink: magically pull ur guards down and msg me what the whole season rewards will have then? :smiley:

i wont tell anyone…

-except my bro who’s literally standing right next to me. lololol



Please direct your comments regarding the season start into the Official Discussion Thread. Thanks!


Hahahaha I knew the increased embers would not be worth the fire and ice shards…i told ya so as far as the chests increase…yeah I figured that as well this is pg we’re talking about


Yeah their #s are off as well


Which numbers are off?


Look at how many ice shards it says we got


And the word alot is used very incorrectly atleast as to my understanding of the meaning of it.


It does look like Jarl’s branch prizes are different. How is he compared to the other legendary dragons this season?



I have collected all the others so I can’t see the image behind the check Mark’s but needless to say not just a jarl thing so shards lost do not equal embers gained and even if they did I still would rather have shards back in the regular lines due to their wording of alot it just isn’t worth the difference to me I mean the difference isn’t even 1 flak level for me but the shards were 1 level so that is 4 tower levels I gained each branch collected.


I included the mythics prizes simply because due to the new layout they are non existent as well.


I can agree with that. More rewards were added like people wanted. Sure, some people expected better, but the current boost of rewards is better then nothing.


Only main issue I have is the shards and embers swap and the amount of embers not being worth the loss of shards at this point.


But who on this green earth actually needs more ice/fire shards?