Springblossom Stream Preview Notes + Emp Mythics (2nd post)


25% chance of some three headed monstrosity that is some how all three types combined and you have to cycle through which attack type you use after each tower is destroyed.



No, more like ADAPTIVE DRAGON so with every click the dragon turns from a warrior into a hunter then into a sorc and gain a little health and rage between cycles. That would be awesome. A shape-shifting dragon would be soooo cool :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


25% that all sigils spent on the line get sent to me


:drooling_face: I want it too…


The hurrierer new class, constant evasion active while flying and only spell is light speed


How about instead of getting rid of fire, ice shards and black pearls…since all season rss is now embers, we can now create an option next season in what resource we want…kind of like how they did it with shards.

@Crisis @Arelyna


Swiss Army dragon???


First cast decreases your dragons attack by 70 percent but gives you unlimited ammo, second cast halves your ammo regeneration but your attacks freeze towers.

Look at that! a warrior/sorcerer/hunter monstrosity


Couple of questions about Ronin: I believe it was described that way of the blade was like adaptive resist where you could cycle through to pick which spell. Is that the case where its manually cycled or does it cycle automatically casting them in order?

Spell description on blog says 6 second cool down triggers after using execute. Does that mean slice and thrust have no cool down? Or, as above, does it cycle through the spells in order and the cool down is after execute?


Looking at the video it looks like it cycles in order. Similar to spells like seething spark but with three steps instead of two.

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It’s not truly a cycle, but a progression. No cooldown except after using execute.


Ok. That’s what I was afraid of. :unamused:

Thanks for clarifying


Why are you afraid of it? You get 2 free white spell shots then a super powerful one.


Too much free stuff makes people quit :shushing_face:


Does an Ice Flak ss block Adaptive Immunity?


It just blocks you from using it for that 2 second period. The immunity is still there on whatever flak it was set on before the ss.


Think this is what you’re looking for?


Just not as flexible as I’d hoped. He’s kind of a one trick pony and if locked into a set cycle doesn’t seem that fun to fly.

Meh, Execute will wind up getting nerfed anyway.


There are multiple approaches ronin can take to an island, not just a one trick pony cough surt corth cough, excuse me.

I love your next sentence though because after identifying a weakness in his game play (meaning, if you have screwed up and are locked in his cycle, you are now in a moment of weakness as a result of your mistake), you go on to say that he will get nerfed… they contradict each other.


Just think of the fun he’ll be to learn to fly. One example, maybe burn slice and thrust on rage drain island and queue up execute on approach to kill island. Might change the whole thought process behind the rage drain. I haven’t flown him yet, but have been thinking of various scenarios against different base setups. That’s what makes this game fun, not autopiloting a bird around the same territory doing the same thing a million times.