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Old Schedule Stuff

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Initial Preview Week Schedule

  • Wednesday, 2/27: 1 Legendary + 1 Mythic - full coverage
  • Thursday, 2/28: 1 Discount Legendary + 1 Mythic - full coverage (different from the two above)
  • Friday 3/1: Dragon Rider + Season Structure

Springblossom Structure, Starts March 6 (twitch, facebook, YouTube Gaming)

As the cold snow thaws / Turn and look to brighter skies / A new day will dawn.


There’ll be a massive blog on Tuesday explaining all of this in far more detail than covered on stream.


Structure Changes

Pick 3 Combo

  • The end (full branch completion) of a legendary branch (all six under the two mythics) will have a mythic key included with the last prizes - not additional cost. It’ll take three legendary branches (or rider or base boost) of your choice to unlock a mythic.
    • Keys are only applicable for the season that they’re earned in, just like sigils - use them or lose them!
  • Once the mythics are unlocked, the mythics are free.
  • Mythic dragon lines will only contain the dragon, evolution stones, and rune/glyphs.
    • Despite that, due to the buff in prizes in the legendary branches, the total prizing is still greater than before.
  • Get a bonus for completing both mythics and potentially a building reskin, though not yet confirmed - they’re hoping for it.

Prize Buffs

  • Rewards were buffed in all prizes, other than the festive.
    • Dragon lines: includes gold chests, elemental embers, breeding tokens, rune dust, mystic fragments, and 12h timers
    • Rider lines: includes gold chests, elemental embers, breeding tokens, 12h timers, crafting shards & crafting scrolls (replaces gear)
    • Crafting resources replace gear in rider lines; elemental shards will be a choice of a few elements, not all elements.

Seasons Buff

  • Any Springblossom Dragon automatically receives a buff (+50% XP earned in battle & -95% heal time) for the duration of the season
  • The roster will have a season buff icon.

More Changes

  • Black Pearls were removed from the rider branches to include more embers and other timers; they may consider adding them to the base boost branches, if players really want.
  • No discounted riders this season, as both are included as options for the mythic dragons.
  • Ice and Fire Shards have been removed from the legendary dragon and rider lines in exchange for elemental embers but are still in the base boost branch.

Misc. Notes

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  • There’ll be six dragons again this season, inclusive of one Festive.
  • Both mythics are being shown off, but the season structure isn’t until Friday
  • Second mythic won’t be a hunter - THERE WILL STILL BE A MYTHIC HUNTER. Hi Grumpybigbird. :smiling_imp:
  • There’ll be a second dragon rider, which’ll be the twitch dragon rider & notes here.
  • Japanese-themed was chosen due to request volume, art team liking the aesthetic, and cherry blossoms in spring.
  • “Probably” to if sigil chests would be available at the end

Non-Season Misc Notes

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  • Probably won’t be going back to semi-precious stones for future tiers but no further spoilers, other than a working title, which wasn’t spoiled.
  • Mythic Empyreans estimated for release the latter half of spring season, possibly a little after.
  • Not a full base reskin but may see some new things on the base, may be covered by Chocolate
  • Kharnyx said that there are green dragons coming :heart_eyes: (wasn’t even me who asked)
  • Kharnyx would like to do achievement-based portraits, but code is needed to support it first.
  • Squid and sky/water colors will be changed back to normal in a future release.
  • They’ve considered ocean-themed dragons before.
  • Kharnyx says that he’s down for a 3 AM stream, while Arelyna gets into the office at 6 :scream:
  • Right now, no further discount on earlier breeding tiers but not a no forever either.

Week 1/On Launch - Legendaries: Kaiji, Haku (discount) & Mythics: Ronin, Zenko + Saito (rider)

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  • As always, spell specs won’t be until Tuesday. In-game flights will be next week, when the new season starts.
  • Portraits are only on the legendary/rider lines.
  • I’ve moved Portraits and Lore into their own sections at the bottom of the section.
  • They’re all from the Sacred Ridge, a misty mountain range, dotted with farmlands with a history of battles. Kaze, Oni, and Kirin are also from the region.
  • The token boost does NOT count towards a mythic; there’s no mythic key at the end.

Kaiji, Sunken Yokai, Legendary Empyrean Ice Sorcerer

image image

  • Hunter’s Mark (not shown) is incorrect - Summon Water Spirit (red) will be a re-summonable minion (similar to Summon Warrior and Summon Hellspawn but more power and less HP), subject to being killed by red mage like other castable summons
  • Breath of the Drowned is similar to a sorcerer’s version of Snowblind
  • Undertow is new & stacks with Breath of the Drowned

Haku, Stalwart Komainu, Legendary Empyrean Earth Warrior (Two-Week Discount)


  • Purifying Aegis (new): functionally similar to Blazing Shield
  • Protective Talisman (new): very brief invincibility shield with no rage cost but high cooldown
  • Shrine Guardian (new): just a passive spell, similar to Feral Rage on Moonfang, not a dragon summon
  • Kharnyx says that he’ll be shiny in-game (based upon gold lion-dog statues).

Ronin, Wayward Samurai, Mythic Empyrean Dark Hunter


  • Way of the Blade (new): damage cycling damage spell, similar to how you tap to cycle through the adaptive resists
  • Adaptive Immunity (new): cycles 2x as fast (through dark, fire, and electro flaks) as adaptive flak and gives half the rage - supershot effects will work vs dragon (e.g. dark flak stun)
  • Fighting Spirit (new): based upon consume but better to make it more fitting for a mythic

Zenko, Aspect of the Fox, Mythic Empyrean Wind Sorcerer

image image

  • Foxfire Bolt (new): similar to Umbral Spike
  • Kitsune Mischief (new): based upon Shadow Strike from Itzani
  • Trickster’s Toolkit (new): similar to Steal Essence but only three spells (Towers included are just what were covered on stream. Check the detailed blog/forum post on Tuesday.) - Magic Barrier (Blue Mage), Ensnaring Vines (similar to red Noxious Vines - most damaging towers - all flaks, archer, ice turret, fire turret), Death Gaze (Red Mage)
  • It doesn’t have nine tails, because they don’t always want to take it wholesale (inspiration vs carbon copy); the single bushy tail also has a special animation in the stable.




  • Elemental shard choices: Dark, Wind, Ice
  • Rider leveling currencies are mixed throughout the rider instead of being all on the first page.
  • It’s meant to decrease training cost :stuck_out_tongue:

Portraits Section

  • Portraits will now be offered both with and without backgrounds now (both received upon unlock). Thumbnails won’t show backgrounds. :smiley: . The animated version will show a background due to space considerations.
  • Kharnyx confirmed that there’d be female portraits later on.
  • Non-human portraits are a possibility but not currently planned.
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Lore Section

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Week 5: Legendary Warrior, Base Boost, Twitch Rider

Base Boost

  • The boost lasts for three months on launch, so it goes half way into the summer season. It applies to the full base and is additive for the amounts in there. The branch itself will not be available until then.
  • More info in Week 4 previews.
  • No portrait
  • will be visible to attackers

Twitch Rider

  • Rider leveling currencies are mixed throughout the rider instead of being all on the first page.
  • Currently planned to be a defensive rider

Week 8: Festive Dragon

  • It’s pink (spoiled by Lawson)
  • doesn’t contain a mythic key

Looking for honest opinions

Non-Season Related Streams/Highlights

  • L40+ now has access to gear crafting through the forge, just like those with Atlas do. Access to the scrolls and elemental shards are available in the store, and bronze chests will have them next week sometime.
  • Sapphire can opt-in, but Platinum release is something that’d be re-evaluated at a later point.
  • Worked with XPFarmsLooseX1 to create XP bases that no longer rely on players to maintain theirs
  • forSci note: There’s a lot of other stuff in the post - read it :stuck_out_tongue:. The items above were covered in the season streams.


Yay! Once again you have done a fantastic post. Can hardly wait to see more stuff revealed :partying_face:


Thank you for doing this again @forScience ! Most seasons I barely read any official announcements, and get pretty much all my info here.


Bwhahaha! Three weeks ago I said a Samurai/Ronin theme would be awesome. Thank you PG…I feel so validated. :smiley:


I’m hoping for a replacement for my Zotz that’s a dark type next season. I would love to get Ronin but too bad he’s a mythic. I’m never able to get the mythics


Ronin seems a bit weak anyway. Hopefully I am judging the cover wrong though.


Hopefully. Pretty badass looking though, eh?


Note that I haven’t peeked through this…


Cycle to dark flak resist, entrap the other damaging tower in the kill island, destroy.


Hope you’re right or I saved for nothing. :joy: Look forward to seeing him fly.


He’s very beautiful, but so was Coatl. :see_no_evil:


We’ll see the rage costs…


So, Fighting Spirit < Consume?


Ronin looks like it chops Coatls into little bits for the hibachi. :joy:


If it doesn’t give the 2.5s ammo regen boost that Consume does than I guess so.


Probably not a good assumption lol



Edit: Oh don’t mind me - I thought that meant no hunter mythic this season :man_facepalming: (I blame Sci for putting this upfront before telling me there’s a mythic hunter)…


I said that since it doesn’t mention the ammo regen part…


I’m betting that the second mythic is a warrior